‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’ Coming Soon!

The Internet better get its troll on, because Sharknado 2: The Second One is coming soon. In announcing the recasting of the heroic stars that captivated audiences the world over, the producers and distributors have once again brought back the buzz surrounding the television movie spectacle.

Co-stars Ian Ziering, who plays the hero Fin (which is a hilarious name given the context), and Tara Reid, who plays Fin’s estranged wife April, are back in action . The director and the writer, Anthony Ferrante and Thunder Levin respectively, will try to achieve the same level of noteworthiness that the original film ushered in.

With the movie set to take place in New York, many might be skeptical of whether there are sufficient quantities of sharks in the New York area to merit the sort of calamity that is bound to ensue. After all, the prequel, Sharknado, was set in Los Angeles where there are at least some sharks from time to time.

However, most skeptics do not understand what the cult hit was about. The Sharknado franchise is the embodiment of the deliberately bad film. To put it into perspective, the movie is about a waterspout (not exactly a tornado) that picks up sharks from the ocean and literally flings them at the unwitting citizens of Los Angeles. Essentially, the low budget film is a mockery and satire of all the silliness that can go on in low-budget films, such as live sharks raining from the sky to gobble up people conveniently waiting in the perfectly wrong place at the perfectly wrong time.

Since it is set to begin filming in February, eager fans will not have to wait much longer before getting another dose of Sharknado. Cleverly dubbed Sharknado 2: The Second One by the film’s Twitter fans, the film is to be unleashed upon its audience in a TV premier sometime in July of this year. It will be premier on Syfy; and, if the past is any indication of the future, it has the potential to be seen by millions of viewers on its release date.

Odds are that a similar format will be used, but that is yet to be seen. Given the instantaneous and widespread attention the original received, and the very illogical nature of the plot (if it could indeed be called a plot), viewers should expect a fairly faithful sequel that sticks to true nature of what flying-psychopathic sharks are all about.

And it is not just a publicity strategy. By all accounts, the absurdity of the original film was a financial boon to those who were involved. With opening sales on limited theater releases, merchandising and profits from advertising, enough revenue was generated to merit another installment.

With the announcement of the same cast and production team for Sharknado 2: The Second One, a renewed excitement can already be seen across social media. Fans of the quirky film have been quick to relate their enthusiasm, particularly on Twitter. However, if the film is anywhere near as comical as its first installment, the Internet should prepare itself for the impending storm that is coming soon.

By Brett Byers-Lane


Hollywood Reporter
USA Today
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