South Africa Government Shows Incompetence With Missing Gatling Gun

South Africa Dillon Gatling Mini-gunGovernment officials in South Africa continue to shuffle and show incompetence and intolerance in the case of a missing Dillon Gatling Gun. According to sources, it has been reported that the Intelligence Services are monitoring communications nationwide, in most cases without a court order. It has been alleged that the South African Intelligence Services (SAIS) are renting a system called “Gateway” for $250 000 from an Israeli company. This complex system allows complete monitoring of calls without working through the local service providers. This ominous piece of equipment, is allegedly being used in targeting widespread communications; private, commercial, and diplomatic.

A Mr. Erasmus, who is legally the owner of the missing Dillon Gatling Gun, recently received an email from an unidentified person with a distinct style which reportedly originated from the Intelligence community of South Africa. The sender endeavored to send emails to different persons within the government structure, slandering Erasmus. Included in this email were copies of Erasmus emails to the Office of President Zuma as well as a copy of an email from the files of Vanessa Du Toit at the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC). The NCACC is cabinet committee according to Act 41 of 2002 in order to give effect to the agreement with the Wassenaar Arrangement pertaining to the control of conventional weapons. The NCACC has often been accused of dragging its feet pertaining to permits for the SA Defense Industry. This department, by all empirical evidence, tends to focus on the private interests of committee members and a large number of Cabinet Ministers.

Erasmus has, on several occasions, pointed fingers at Mr. Jeff Radebe, the Chairperson of the NCACC. Yet, until today, nothing has come of any complaints so raised by Erasmus.  He has stated that pressing charges with the South African Police Services (SAPS) is almost an impossible task, as every police officer has now become an expert in declaring that all charges are of a civil category and must follow a different route. These charges actually were lodged, regardless, with the SAPS against a Col. DBT Smit, a motor mechanic at SA Special Forces (SASF). Smit is an alleged member of the SA Freemasons, and an allegedly integral part of stealing on behalf of certain masters as well as for himself.

Earlier this week, the South African government revealed more of the incompetence with which they have handled the case of the missing Dillon Gatling Gun. Mr.Erasmus received an email that was evidently not meant for him. The attachments of this email consisted of various internal memo’s between government departments, and in particular one from Vanessa Du Toit. In her email, she stated that together with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), they had been perusing the transcripts of Erasmus’ telecommunications. No mention is made of a court order authorizing those transcripts.

Erasmus is in possession of a letter from Inspector General of Intelligence’s Office from 2013, which stated that there were no such court orders in place, and that no interceptions were taking place. Therefore, the interceptions are considered illegal.

Du Toit wants Erasmus arrested for declaring the location of the Dillon Gatlin Gun. She stated that the Mini-gun was removed from a secret place to an unknown territory, and that it was done under her instructions. This apparently happened despite the fact that there is a court order in place to the effect that the gun cannot be removed and that Erasmus has  the authority to inspect the gun. The state claims that they had withdrawn their warrant for seizure of these weapons and issued a new warrant. This new warrant has never been served on Erasmus. The court order still stands, but the SANDF and the Ex-CCB members involved in this do not consider the court order as binding.

This sector is continuing to use the South African Revenue Services (SARS) to issue a false claim on monies not received by his company. The action by SARS is to forfeit the weapon to the state for nonpayment of taxes. An official transaction to steal the weapon paid for by Erasmus. SARS were coerced through the actions from Armscor and SASF into creating a fictitious assessment on the Erasmus Company that imported the Dillon Mini-gun.

Erasmus has brought criminal charges against Du Toit and other coterie of officials indicated in this saga. Upon lodging these charges, the police officers refused to recognize the complaints and will not assist in this matter.

Erasmus continues to challenge these actions, and said that SARS officials have not viewed his complaint and appeal of the taxes raised fictitiously. The officials from SARS show no interest in the truth, and continue to ignore correspondence relating to this matter. This is reportedly standard operating procedure for the CCB operatives. Their influence stretches throughout the South African government right into the courts. They have demonstrated no qualms about stealing what they want and framing innocent people. They seem able to abuse the courts and fabricate evidence.

An example of such fabrication is the Vrye Weekblad, a South African weekly which used to embarrass the National Party government. It was shut down after a range of improper legal actions, which were proven in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to have been exactly that.

Vanessa Du Toit had the Dillon Mini-gun removed despite a court order issued against such a move, denying Erasmus the right to inspect it. Not only this, she wants him arrested for a weapon his company paid for. This has prompted many to wonder if this is how the legal system in South Africa is meant to work. For a person be arrested for owing a gun confiscated by the government seems at odds with the concept of justice. The NPA and Du Toit are claiming to be seriously investigating this case.

The incompetence by the authorities of the government of South Africa in addressing the missing Dillon Gatling Gun falls right in the categories of ignorance and injustice.

By Laura Oneale


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