South Africa Violence Erupts and Intolerance Continues

South Africa Violence

The violence between the main political parties in South Africa continues to erupt as the intolerance of the current government escalates. The general elections are a few months away, and all political parties are rallying to gain support. Marches planned and prepared for a show of force usually occur without disorderly behavior. This time, things have not progressed as many had hoped.

The African National Congress, (ANC), the ruling party in South Africa, has shown its intolerance toward another democratic institution with an eruption of violence. On Wednesday, February 12, 2014, events took an unfortunately familiar turn. The Democratic Alliance (DA), the largest opposition party, was set on marching to the ANC Headquarters in Johannesburg, called Luthuli House. The Police Service allowed the ANC counter marchers to gather stones and Molotov cocktails. In the end, these were thrown by the ANC supporters toward the DA marchers. This is a near-identical situation to when the Inkatha Freedom Front marched on Shell House, the former head office of the ANC in Johannesburg, several years ago. The Inkatha marchers were fired at from inside Shell House with AK47’s and various other weapons. Nothing ever came of the so-called investigation, although the weapons used by the ANC supposedly ended up in the safekeeping of a Johannesburg Gun Dealer.

This intolerance is springing up everywhere in the nation. There is certainly a whole network spanning all spheres of the RSA civil society. The increasingly prevalent thefts in the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) have had dire consequences for them. The SANDF troops were outgunned in the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2013, which led to the deaths of some 15 SANDF troops. The weapons, which could have made a significant difference in that conflict, were lying back under lock and key with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

This has always been an old strategy from the Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB) operatives.  The CCB is known as the apartheid era hit squads that came to the fore during the era of President De Klerk. After one group was exposed, the operatives faded back into the State structures and hold prominent positions today. It is clear that they have realized that they do not have a future in South Africa, and they have set out to steal as much as possible. They manipulate many politicians and senior officials in order to achieve their goals.

They penetrate the government at all levels. It is alleged that the former president Thabo Mbeke, was being controlled by General Mark Hankel of the South African Police Services (SAPS), on behalf of the British MI6 (Intelligence). General Hankel is alleged as the author of the purported Boeremag, a fiction created in order to scare the black voters toward the ANC. The Boeremag members were trained by more than sixteen police officers who also supplied the explosives for them. Thus, the unruly behavior continues. Until today, nothing happened to these police officers, no charges and no investigation, yet they apparently each garnered bonuses of between R 300 000 and R 500 000. For as long as the Boeremag myth is kept alive, these police officers obtain funds from the police’s secret stash, and they continue live in comfort.

It is obvious these police officers and the ex-CCB members do not believe in the future of South Africa, and they are stealing on an unprecedented scale. This robbery has reached such levels that more than sixty percent of the nation’s coal reserves have been stolen from the Apex Investment fund, and it has been transferred abroad. Another such act is the Hejema Housing CC scandal, in which over twenty thousand people had been defrauded of their homes. Several of them died of starvation!

The courts are in shambles, an environment in which these culprits have managed to flourish, despite the continuous display of intolerant behavior. It is the same people, prosecutors, police officers, judges, and ex-CCB operatives, whose names have been mentioned repeatedly in the last three months. The intolerant behavior affects people of all races who have been defrauded in this regard. The State’s structure had been subverted in the RSA in order to serve the interests of these networks.

All these irregular and criminal actions displayed as professed normal government behavior, then the time is running out for South Africa, and its future precariously is uncertain. Criminals dominate, and the courts are used as vehicles to bankrupt the innocent in order to steal their livelihood. For as long as President Zuma relies on these thugs, service delivery will not improve, and companies will lose their business and their livelihood. Many are beginning to wonder if  there a future for South Africa. The erupting violence and continuing intolerance displayed by government officials have caused neighboring countries to remain openly critical.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


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