Stress Reduction in Work Appropriate Yoga Pants

Stress, yoga pants, yoga at workStress is a major problem in the United States. With long work days, and even longer work weeks, people are frazzled and in need of an outlet for stress reduction that do not make the day even longer.  The company Betabrand has released a pair of yoga pants that are work appropriate to help hard workers better utilize the time spent at a desk to find moments of peace and ways to work out the mind, body and soul, while punching the clock.

The idea behind the invention is a way to put on one pair of pants in the morning that can take you through an entire day. The pants look like a pair of slacks worn to work by business women, yet offer something different. The material is stretchy, but does not have the shiny look of some other stretchable pants that are constructed specifically for yoga. While cranking out work at a desk all day, the women who sport these pants can take a break, within their own office or cubicle, to bust out a few yoga poses. Additionally, if a lunch hour can be spent taking a yoga class, there is no need to change before and after. The pants are then stylish enough to be worn outside of work for meetings, events or social gatherings after the work day has ended, paired with heels, boots or flats.

With a pair of work appropriate yoga pants, the daily stress encountered in any job can be reduced one  warrior two at a time. Betabrand found great success with their initial design: the Gray Dress Pant Yoga Pants. Designer Sarah James shares her vision on the company’s website, saying that the idea came when she wanted to create, “a comfortable pair of pants that would work for power yogis and Powerpoint professionals.” With a stretchy fabric, sleek line, and no pockets or anything else “getting in the way of your vinyasa flow,” James feels she has reached her goal. When the response to the gray colored pair was positive, Sarah and the team at Betabrand began working on a Navy blue pair. The pants are now available in gray, Navy blue and black.

The reality of untreated stress is a real concern for many Americans. According to the Los Angeles Times, a series of studies conducted at the University of California at Berkeley has determined the effect stress has on the human brain. When the body experiences stress, a hormone is released that tells the brain’s stem cells to create white matter. These newly produced cells alter the way the circuits of the brain function, and the way in which they communicate with one another. While the research team did not expect to uncover this process occurring in rats, the results explain why chronic untreated stress leads countless people to addiction and mental illness.

Daily stress reduction and management is important for long-term physical and mental health, and the availability of a work appropriate yoga pant that encourages exercise and self-care is helping in that process. The pants, that cost $79.20, right around the cost of another brand’s yoga pants or a pair of work slacks, are expanding the options of integrating personal care into a stressful job.

By K. Corrine Van Vliet


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