Syria Escalating War

Syria Constant air raids have killed another 90 people in the Syrian civil war.  Nothing current seems to fully explain or justify the bombing in Aleppo, but President Bashar al-Assad claims the target is, and always has been terrorists.  The count speaks volumes.  His air attacks have left at least 100,000 people dead. The bloodshed in Syria shows a future of escalating war.

In a press statement by John Kerry, Secretary of State, he says these “barbaric” acts remind the world of Asad regime’s “true colors.” -US Dept. of State

The explosives used in these attacks are known as barrel bombs. Helicopters and aircraft with the Syrian Air Force drop these devices onto buildings, intending the inevitable and complete destruction of the target and anything, or anyone, in the proximity.  The Telegraph reports these bombs are actually home-made oil drums filled with “Russian-supplied armaments,”–al Jazeera-like TNT and steel shrapnel.

In January alone, 5,794 deaths were recorded. Ben Hubbard with the New York Times covers the story on Al-Qaeda through the recent events. Al Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al Zawahri, claims to have cut ties with a jihadist group “reaping rewards in the chaos of the civil war.” Hubbard describes the conflict in Syria between the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and the rebel groups as the deadliest “infighting” between Bashar alliance and enemies.

On Monday, Jan. 3, a bomber from the ISIS detonated himself at a base in northern Syria. 16 rebels died and many more were injured.  More areas than Aleppo have been effected as the bloodshed continues to rise. The Syria Regional Response Plan (RPP) is a United Nations initiative to aid in the refugees displaced because of the conflict in Syria. In just one year, the response plan generated $2 billion, but $4.2 billion is the goal. The strategic plan is composed of over 100 non-government and UN agencies.

The RRP recognizes the risk of a “Lost Generation,” where children will not get the medical care or education they need in order to survive and conquer the current struggles facing all in the area. Women and children will be subjected to harder gender based risks and might resort to what the RRP calls “survival sex.”

The refugee numbers are expected to rise to well over 4 million by the end of this year as the war in Syria escalates and continues.  Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey are expected to take in the largest groups.

Vladimir Putin wrote to Americans on September 11, 2013.  He warned the US to abstain from involvement for risk of escalation.  He stated that his support and ties with Bashar is not for the war or regime, but for the support of  “international law.”

After Putin’s letter was publicized, Reporter Blad Plummer interviewed Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, “what is Vladimir Putin trying to achieve here? What are Russia’s goals?” Trenen responded, at a minimum, Russia wants to achieve U.S. non-intervention in Syria. When asked about a possible hypocrisy with Putin, Trenen responded, Russia attacked Georgia in response to an aggression, so they were acting in accordance with UN charter. He also said, the United States does not face a threat of an aggression from Syria.

Diaa Hadid with Miami Herald reported five people, including children, have been killed at a Mosque during the last hours of the most recent attack.  Hadid claimed bombing came when the president started a campaign to take parts of the city back. Everyone wishes Aleppo be the last of the horrific barrel bombs in Syria, but the bloodshed of civil war has been assumed to continue for many months as tensions between the government and rebel forces escalate.

By Lindsey Alexander

Department of State
The Telegraph
al Jazeera

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