The Walking Dead: Inmates All Roads Lead to Terminus

*Contains Spoilers*

The Walking Dead: Inmates All Roads Lead to Terminus

Episode 10 of season 4 The Walking Dead: Inmates seems to be saying that all roads may lead to Terminus. The “safe haven” promised at the end of the railroad track has a fairly ominous sounding name. Although the real meaning of the word began with the Latin term for boundaries and the God Terminus who ruled over same. It can also mean the end of something, like the final stop at journey’s end, or in everyday usage, a bus terminal. It is, perhaps, the saying or reading of the word that makes it seem less than hopeful. Terminus does sound pretty close to terminal, which also has various meanings; deadly being one of them.

Before learning of this sanctuary, the episode begins with Daryl and Beth, who must still be shaken by watching her father Hershel decapitation by The Governor, as they track other survivors. Beth seems to have learned the power of hope from her father well. She pushes and prods a stoic and, even more than usual, taciturn remaining Dixon brother into following the signs left by what Beth hopes were tracks left by Carl or Rick. The trail eventually leads them to railroad tracks, walkers feeding on bloody remains and the knowledge that someone in their group has most probably died. Moving on past the tracks Daryl and Beth head back into the woods. As the program does not follow these two any further, they may or may not find out about Terminus, although chances are they will.

In this episode of The Walking Dead: Inmates the show is broken into four segments. In the first segment Daryl and Beth; the second Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith; the third Maggie, Sacha and Bob Stookey; and finally Glen and one of The Governor’s survivors Tara Chambler. Four different groups with four different journeys, although at least one overlaps another as they are seen pursuing their own journeys. Each group is tired, afraid, lost and bordering on hopeless. Each little band of straggling hopefuls are trying to hold on and are trying to get back with other members of Rick’s survivors. Although one group misses the road to Terminus, it does seem that whether they want to or not, all roads will eventually lead to this sanctuary.

The next little band of survivors that come into view may cause the viewer to sigh in relief when seeing that the smallest member of this group is baby Judith. Cradled in Tyreese’s arms, via a strap-on baby carrier, the missing babe looks none the worse for wear since her blood soaked car seat was found by Carl and Rick. Along with Tyreese and Judith are Micah and Lizzie. While Micah misses Carol, Lizzie is coming across a little too cold for comfort and later in the show will look to be taking Carl’s place as youthful psychopath of the survivors. In this land of the walking dead, youth seems to suffer the most.

After some heart pounding close shaves, one of which looks to be the certain death of Judith, Carol shows back up. Reuniting with Mika and Lizzie and bringing them, along with Judith, back to Tyreese. Another almost heart stopping moment, until it is remembered that he does not know that Carol killed Karen. Tyreese is glad to see Carol, who has relay an improvised version of events of what happened on her trip with Rick where he banished her from the survivors. As of now, Carol is a welcome addition and she will go with the three girls and Tyreese on their journey to Terminus. While the murderous member kicked out by Rick earlier on is, temporarily, accepted, if they bump into Rick, Michonne or Daryl, it is easy to imagine another type of banishment for Carol, one much more permanent.

The third group consists of Maggi, Bob Stookey and Sacha. Maggi is hellbent on finding that school bus since that was the last place she saw Glenn. Once they find the vehicle, it is full to the brim with walkers. After a knuckle biting search, to see if her husband is in there, action moves on to where the man really is. Waking up, still in the prison, Glenn does his own search and after getting provisions heads out. On the way, he spies Tara who sits motionless behind a fenced off area. After discerning that she did not fire a shot during The Governor’s attack, he enlists her help in leaving the prison which is now full of hungry walkers.

The season premiere, which followed Rick, Carl and Michonne, was slower and more humorous although overall it was quite emotional. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Inmates was more terse, gory, and action packed. There were also more walkers, even more than the amount that Michonne took out last week. There were also a fair share of surprises, familiar faces showing back up and new faces being, ominously, introduced. By the show’s end there were still more questions left to be answered. One of which being, do all roads lead to Terminus and if so, is this a good thing?

By Michael Smith



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