TowerFall Ascension Coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam Next Month

PlayStation 4 TowerFall Ascension March 11 + Steam

The Andorid-powered microconsole the Ouya, is home to a large array of interesting multiplayer games. One game is particular has seen so much success that it will be jumping to the PlayStation 4 and Steam soon. Towerfall is a four player archer arena of madness that has won and been nominated for a good number of awards. The version coming to Steam and PlayStation 4 is a new-and-improved version known as, TowerFall Ascension. According to developer Matt Thorson, Towerfall Ascension will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Steam next month, March 11.

This new version of TowerFall includes a new cooperative mode that can be played  with another player or even alone. This quest mode has the players teaming up together to take down baddies that attack in waves. This mode helps players hone their multiplayer skills by surviving horde after horde of enemies. The type of enemies and number of waves depends on the level played, indicating that this new quest mode will have enough levels to enjoy even if you don’t have four people around to play TowerFall with.

TowerFall Ascension also adds 50 new levels to Versus mode (120 total) allowing for even more crazy and unique battles. To accompany these new levels is the addition of extra power-ups and new variants. TowerFall is a multiplayer experience that the PlayStation 4 (and even the Xbox One) could benefit from having. TowerFall comes at a good time because next-gen console owners have had their systems long enough to become accompanied to the new system, but are still looking for new ways to enjoy it. The addition of a fun, hectic, four player, downloadable game on next-gen consoles is something both next-gen console libraries could appreciate. Some Ouya players may already have the advantage on TowerFall Ascension because the original TowerFall can be played with PlayStation 3 (and Xbox 360) controllers.

Thorson is a developer that enjoys playing his own game. So much so, that feedback from gamers is one of his fuels for making such content. “What I really can’t wait to hear is feedback from players.” He encourages gamers to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 video features to express themselves. “I’m eager to see what you guys and gals share with PS4’s livestreaming and video sharing features.” This type of developer is the best friend to gamers, on the industry could use more of.

TowerFall Ascension will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 and Steam March 11 in North America, but currently no date has been given for Europe. Added onto that, no release date for TowerFall Ascension on the PlayStation Vita has been announced. Luckily, Thorson has said that it is “possible in the future!”

The Ouya is a console that is giving developers the opportunity to make the low-budget games that they enjoy. As a result, TowerFall was so successful on the Ouya that it has received another version coming to the PlayStation 4 and Steam next month. TowerFall Ascension includes a new quest mode as well as a plethora of additional levels and power-ups. TowerFall Ascension becomes available March 11 (no Europe release date yet).

By Garrett Jutte
PlayStation Life

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  1. Billy Lockhart   February 25, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    This game sounds intresting, especially if it uses live streaming and video sharing. i like how a smaller game like this can push a console to do things AAA titles have not adopted yet.


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