Morsi Accused of Leaking Secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard


During the second hearing of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s trial, the ousted leader was accused of having leaked state secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

He, along with 35 others, stand accused of participating in a conspiracy to destabilize Egypt.

The trial has been adjourned and is scheduled to resume on February 27.

Altogether, Morsi is facing four trials.  In the first, which began in November, he is charged with provoking the killing of protestors in 2012.  In a second trial, which opened in January, the former president faces charges related to his 2011 prison escape, during which police officers were killed.  The fourth trial, which has yet to start, involves charges of insulting the judiciary.

Some, who support Morsi, claim that he, along with other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, are victims of political persecution.

The deposed leader is facing charges of having collaborated with the Palestinian movement of Hamas as well as Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

If he is found guilty of the current charges, he could face the death penalty.

By Nancy Schimelpfening



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