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Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera would always appear to have it all. Glamorous Grammy award winner and respected among her peers in the industry as a powerhouse, soul vocalist, Christina Aguilera’s childhood dreams had come true. She was living her dream. However, some of her of fans would listen to her music and behind that powerful, soulful voice could be heard a woman still seeking and yearning. Though the voice would send chills up the spines of thousands that fill an arena to hear this amazing artist, her glowing platinum blonde hair, big bright eyes, and sparkling costumes couldn’t cover up emptiness.

It must be extremely difficult to have achieved success, fortune, and fame, but unable to attain what the heart truly desires. Reported in People, Christina believes she has found love again. This second shot at marriage is reportedly with log time beau Matt Rutler. Christina, many would say, is far from a gold digger because she does not have a problem falling for guys who make considerably less money than she does. Her first husband Jordan Bratman was a record executive and they have a six-year-old son Max together. While most single mothers who are career driven are looking for security over love the second time around, Christina puts her heart first. According to Us Weekly, the couple is currently living in her Mulholland estate mansion she bought for $10 million. ABC News reports that husband-to-be is a production assistant on film sets.

Many of Christina Aguilera’s fans know her history. Her mother escaped a volatile relationship with Christina’s biological father. It was during those moments when she could hear her mother screaming from the other room, that she turned inward to self sooth and to drown out the horrifying sounds of her reality. Turning inward, she discovered music and it saved her. But Aguilera wasn’t just any kid singing to commercials on the television, she was drawn to the blues.

Aguilera has been reported to say that singing the blues, even as a child, was the only music that she could feel when things at home were not good. Once her mother recognized her daughter’s gift, she entered her into every talent show and took her to vocal lessons. She became known around town as the little girl with the big voice tackling Whitney Houston ballots and the blues favorites from the 1920s. Christina Aguilera would take the winning trophy home every show. Parents began to ask her mother to not enter Aguilera, so other kids could get a shot to win. She knew it was time to take Christina Aguilera to the next level. She got Aguilera onto the Mickey Mouse Club with cast mates Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Christina Aguilera’s dream began to come true. Next came the recording contract, tours, and a bright Grammy award. Next on her list was seeking love and she believes she has finally found it in Matt Rutler. The happy couple is expecting a child as well.

Christina Aguilera didn’t grow up with the perfect example of a harmonious marriage. She endured and became a star. She had a failed first marriage, but she endured staying strong for her son as her mother stayed strong for her. She’s achieved what most believe to be the impossible in Hollywood. She isn’t giving up on seeking and achieving the love she needs.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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