Valentine’s Day: Top Five Reasons It’s Good to Be Single

Valentine's Day

It’s almost here; the dreaded “V Word”—Valentine’s Day. For those who are single on Valentine’s Day, the holiday can feel like a nightmare. Social media is abuzz with couples writing mushy things to each other; the drug stores are decked out with red hearts and chocolate; even the county courthouse has Valentine’s decorations hanging up all over the place. It seems impossible to escape this entirely constructed holiday. While many singles feel depressed on this day set aside for couples, there’s no need to feel downhearted. It’s actually good to be single on Valentine’s Day, and here’s why.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is budget-friendly.

As most people involved in a couple will reveal, V-Day can be incredibly expensive. It’s not uncommon for folks to run up their credit cards, spend their entire paycheck or even go into deep debt over the holiday. Being single ensures that the lucky person who is free of the constraints of being in a couple will not break their bank account for gemstones or other large purchases. Better yet-that money can be spent on things needed by the single person or even luxury items like a fabulous vacation or spa day.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is much less stressful overall.

Being in a couple brings with it a whole host of stressors, and all of those stressors are greatly compounded on Valentine’s Day. The pressure and expectations can grow to enormous proportions. The desire to “get it right” at all costs can feel like studying for final exams without a textbook in sight. Social media has made this pressure a thousand times worse, because not only is the expectation there from the person’s partner; all of the person’s friends will be bragging about what they did or what they got for each other as well. There is a feeling of being in competition with other people to be the best romantic partner, and for those with a limited budget, that feeling of competition can be even more depressing. Being single totally relieves this pressure and stress. In the absence of worrying about getting it right, the single is free to focus on other, more constructive things.

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun.

In recent years, society has become more sensitive to singles in general. Now, there are many activities set up for those who are single on the holiday. Some organizations offer single’s parties and mixers, but it’s even more fun to attend a friend’s party. Private house parties for singles are very popular on Valentine’s Day. Many people throw pot lucks and casual get-togethers. For those who are very keen on trying to find a romantic partner, there are plenty of single’s dances, speed dating and other events to attend.

Single status allows for endless possibilities.

There are millions of unhappy couples out there. Many people are trapped in dead end or otherwise bad relationships. The divorce rate is currently over 50%, and of those who are still married or in a couple, many feel unfulfilled with their current relationship. Single status allows for endless possibilities for “the one” to be found; and even if the single person doesn’t meet Mr. or Ms. Right immediately, being able to date a variety of people is something many people currently involved in a couple would give anything to be able to do. Being single opens the door for endless possibilities. Mr. or Ms. Right could be just around the next corner, and that’s exciting.

It allows for complete independence.

On Valentine’s Day and all other days of the year, being single allows for complete independence that just can’t be found when one is involved in a couple. Having complete and total independence is a priceless benefit of being single. There’s no one there to keep track of the single person’s schedule, ask what time they are coming home, or otherwise intrude upon the person’s independence. Anything can be done, any adventure had, and no one will question it. That’s something almost no one in a couple can enjoy.

Bonus reason-Most restaurants have fixed-price offerings and therefore, fixed menus on Valentine’s Day. Couples are not generally completely free to choose what they are going to eat on that day. The menu is what it is. Period. If one person in the couple doesn’t like (or is even allergic to) striped bass, it’s just too bad. If that’s on the expensive prix fix menu, then that is what the person is forced to eat. A single person, however, can make their own meal or seek out a restaurant with a great variety of choices. In fact, the restaurant example is an excellent analogy overall for why it is good to be single on Valentine’s Day: variety, choices, independence and freedom.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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  1. Kimberly Ruble   February 14, 2014 at 12:51 am

    I have been married six years but fully remember what it was like to be single on V-Day. My best friend Alicia and I use to make sure we had a wonderful time. But now we both are old married women and she is even a MOTHER! So single or married, get out and enjoy yourself. Don’t find your happiness in another person. If it isn’t in you, it was never there to begin with. Happy V-Day everyone and thanks for writing another SUPER article Rebecca!!


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