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Half the world probably watched the mid-season finale of season four of The Walking Dead in December. Our hearts broke as the show’s most beloved character, Hershel, was savagely murdered by the hated Governor. Hell broke loose and chaos ensued as the Governor’s tank tore open the prison like a box of cracker jacks. The survivors were scattered into the woods to fend for themselves as hundreds of zombies flocked to the cannon fire. And then what? That’s exactly what viewers are going to find out tonight when the second half of season four kicks off. Before we move on, let’s take a look back shall we? I mean, we know someone is going to die tonight. Someone always dies. We will need proper time to grieve, so now is the perfect time to grieve a little for the ones we have already lost. Mind you this is not everyone. These are just the top 10 Walking Dead deaths that hurt the most.

10. Amy – Amy was the first tough death most viewers experienced on The Walking Dead. Andrea’s poor little sister died just as the show was beginning. However, her death hurt. It hurt because it was the first time we saw someone lose a loved one in the show. We felt the loss along with Andrea, and it changed us just like it changed her.

9. Sophia – One of the most tragic deaths in all of The Walking Dead was poor little Sophia. Most of us would not have mourned her so hard except for the fact that we spent half a season looking for her. I really believed Daryl when he said she was out there. Maybe I just wanted to believe him. After the pack came out of the barn and the gang mowed them down, our hearts broke as Sophia came out too. Not the little girl that was lost in the forest, but the zombie who had been locked in the barn. Our hearts broke too, Carol.

8. Merle – Okay, you can argue this one with me if you want to. Merle was probably one of the most hated characters in all of The Walking Dead. I’ll admit, he was ruthless, a racist, and somewhat hard to get along with. Yet his character made a last ditch effort to break into our hearts right before he bit the big one. He belongs on this list if for no other reason than because he’s Daryl’s brother. We hurt for Daryl and thus we hurt for Merle. Tough, but fair.

7. Otis – Otis was the most selfless character to ever play on The Walking Dead. Though his stay with us was short, we remember him for his bravery and for his heart. He risked his own life to save Carl, who he incidentally almost killed too. He said he’d give his life to save Carl, and Shane held him to his word, taking him down and using him as bait to get away and back to the farm. Shane delivered the goods, Otis paid the price.

6. Milton – The nerd turned hero, Milton was one of the most naïve characters to play on The Walking Dead. He rounds out the top half of the hardest deaths to watch in The Walking Dead. We practically watched him grow up to be a man in front of our very eyes. Milton started as the Governor’s “yes” man, but ended as his “no” man. His death was noble because he died standing up for Andrea, the only real friend he ever had. Unfortunately for Milton, his zombified corpse still killed Andrea. So his noble death was all for nothing. It did make for some good TV.

5. Dale – Dale was the grandfather of the little nomad group that we first met in The Walking Dead. Though Hershel would assume this role later, it was Dale who began as the watchful eye and conscience of the group. Dale fought hard to hold on to humanity. He wanted to preserve a shred of what once was and not let the group become inhuman. Unfortunately for him, Carl went off for a walk one day and found a zombie. His humanity would not let him kill him, and he ran in fear. Later that night the zombie had a nice dinner of Dale. This sent shocks through the group, especially Andrea, who he had loved like a daughter. Definitely changed Carl forever too.

4. T-Dog – T-Dog died like a man during season three of The Walking Dead. He had been tough from the get go, and was always ready to take out a pack of walkers to save a friend. The prison was briefly overrun and T-Dog was cornered and bit. Carol was trapped too, but she was saved from the pack when T-Dog rushed in and took them out. As he was slowly dying, he led Carol into the catacombs and found her a place to hide. He died a hero, and still deserved better. His death was a shock and extremely difficult to take.

3. Andrea – Andrea lived both sides of the coin in season three of The Walking Dead. After she was separated from the group when the farm burned she almost died on her own. Michonne found her, and they became close friends. Later they joined the Governor at Woodbury. Michonne never felt right and left, but Andrea stayed and had a small fling with the Governor. After she found out he was fighting with her old group at the prison, things went downhill for her. She tried to bring the two groups together, and even wanted to kill the Governor at one point, but failed in both attempts. She paid for her failure with her life. Though she was bitten by Milton after he turned, she took her own life. The gang said their goodbyes and made her whole before she pulled the trigger. The worst of it was the fact that we waited almost a year for another episode and had to sit with her death and nothing else to move on to.

2. Lori – Lori was the most surprising death in the entire series of The Walking Dead. No one saw it coming when she was pregnant. I never believed they’d kill off a mother that way. Not only did they kill her, but they did it because of the childbirth. Worse still, Carl had to be the one to pull the trigger. So Lori died because of one child and died at the hand of another. Her death devastated Rick, who spent the better part of the next few episodes seeing and hearing ghosts. Truly, he never recovered, and neither did we.

1. Hershel – Hershel is the last and hardest of the deaths in The Walking Dead. Maybe it is because his death is so fresh that it still hurts so much. Hershel represented all that was good in the world. He was a loving father and a God-fearing man. He did not deserve to die. The Governor brutally delivered the death blow in front of his whole family. They watched with tears in their eyes. We watched in horror. I almost believed the Governor’s mind could be changed. I wish I had been right to believe.

Honorable mentions – Bandit, Truffle, and Porkchop – The three little pigs who died to save the fence in season four. Poor little guys never even got to meet the wolf.

So there you have it, the top ten worst deaths in all of The Walking Dead. Though every death hurt, these hurt just a little more. They lingered for a long time. Some linger still. I’m afraid whose death is going to linger next. No one is safe anymore.

By Chris Chisam

4 Responses to "Walking Dead Top 10"

  1. Samantha   March 31, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    You forgot SHANE!!!!!But still all very sad that these characters died ( espessily Hershel)


  2. Bill   February 16, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    Forgot SHANE. Top 3 definitely , who ever wrote this forgot to take their meds.

  3. KB   February 11, 2014 at 10:17 am

    I was actually disappointed in the Governor’s death. So fast, so cheap.
    He should have suffered a long and drawn out death after what he did to Hershel. 😛

  4. Kaitlin   February 10, 2014 at 4:05 am

    Can’t forget the Governers.

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