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Dieters have always sought a quick fix for their weight loss problems. A main reason why fad diets are so popular has to do with most people being anxious to lose the weight quickly, with as little effort as possible. This image that has been put forth by various media sources and the popularity of shows like the Biggest Loser.  This attitude can actually be far more damaging to weight loss than anything else. When women view shows like the Biggest Loser and see results like this season’s winner, they could inevitably be setting themselves up for more than just disappointment. Many viewers were shocked when the winner entered the stage, making the claim that she took it too far, and questioning whether her efforts to lose weight bordered on an unhealthy desire to be too thin.

It is not shows like the Biggest Loser that make people desire unhealthy eating habits. Images in fashion magazines have long been accused of causing eating disorders, because many women strive for a sense of super model beauty, and many super models border on the anorexic look.

While it is important to be a healthy weight it is far more important to have a healthy body image. Shows that promote weight loss  however, do not always promote a healthy body image. Instead doctors recommend ignoring these shows and focusing creating a positive outlook. Nutrition experts also suggest that Body Mass Index (BMI) standards are more based on population trends than individual stats. A person who is active and athletic may have a lower than average BMI while still being healthy. The same is true about a higher than average BMI. In the book Perfect Weight author Jordan Rubin suggests rather than relying on a BMI chart to determine weight, dieters should figure out what their body build is. This information will then allow them to determine what their actual perfect weight should be.

Weight loss then can be very easy if dieters understand what causes weight gain. Essentially, anyone can lose weight if they understand how many calories their body burns in a given day. By understanding how many calories are burned, dieters can then figure out how many calories to consume. Consuming more calories than the body burns off will result in weight gain, consuming too few calories will result in weight loss, and consuming the exact amount of calories will result in weight remaining the same. These simple calculations can result in weight loss for anyone willing to do the calculations. This simple weight loss secret will guarantee results for every type of body.

It is important for dieters to understand that the drastic weight loss, like what was seen on the Biggest Loser, can have detrimental effects. While it might be tempting to lose that much weight, doctors warn against it, stating that losing more than half of a person’s body weight can result in serious health problems. Being underweight can be just as dangerous as being overweight.

Instead of focusing on how many pounds to lose in any diet, nutrition and weight loss experts agree that having a healthy body image is far more important. It is by having this healthy body image that anyone can lose weight and successfully keep it off. Weight loss is possibly for anyone, if they just understand how the body works and it all comes down to calories. Working out, being physically active is important. Getting a cardio work out can help with weight loss. Mixing anaerobic and aerobic exercise can be extremely helpful with weight loss; however, the most important aspect to dieting simply understands how much calories are burned in a given day. With that knowledge even an inactive person can successfully lose weight.

Drastically cutting calories however can be just as dangerous as eating too many calories. These starvation diets that are sometimes employed to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time can be dangerous. When a body is starved of its nutrients it begins to break down muscle. The body also reacts in starvation mode, when the dieter resumes eating instead of building muscle or functioning normally the body will begin to store fat in preparation of another starving time. This is the main reason why so many doctors warn against cutting calories too drastically. Instead they recommend that anyone interested in health weight loss, first examine how many calories they normally eat and slowly cut back. Cutting calories by about ten to fifteen percent is a great place to start. No matter what body type, everyone can have successful weight loss by following this little secret.

By Rachel Woodruff


NY Daily News

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