Woody Allen Never Molested Dylan Farrow Her Brother and Experts Claim


Dylan Farrow’s brother, Moses Farrow, has come forward to confirm what experts concluded in 1993: Woody Allen never molested Dylan Farrow. Moses alleges that Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow’s mother, brainwashed Dylan Farrow and coached the girl to believe that Allen had molested her. Moses has now spoken publicly, and has recounted his childhood with Mia Farrow as being filled with abuse and fear at her hands.

Moses says he was an eyewitness in the house on the exact day Mia Farrow claims Allen molested Dylan and that it would have been impossible for any molestation to have occurred. He says that his mother Mia spent a lot of time trying to convince all the children that Allen was a bad person and that he had molested both Soon Yi Previn and Dylan, but that those events definitely did not happen:

Of course Woody did not molest my sister. She loved him and looked forward to seeing him when he would visit. She never hid from him until our mother succeeded in creating the atmosphere of fear and hate towards him. The day in question, there were six or seven of us in the house. We were all in public rooms and no one, not my father or sister, was off in any private spaces. My mother was conveniently out shopping.

When the original case broke in 1992, experts investigated the claims made by Mia Farrow for over six months. The investigation included numerous physical examinations of Dylan as well as lengthy and complex interviews with the child that were attended by top child psychologists. At the end of the investigation, the experts concluded that Dylan had been extensively coached by her mother and that the child could not distinguish between fantasy and reality.

During the interviews, Dylan herself said on numerous occasions that no molestation took place. A nanny who had been working at the house also stated that on the day Mia Farrow alleges the molestation took place, Dylan was not out of the nanny’s line of vision for more than five minutes. A different nanny also stated that Mia Farrow put so much pressure on her to corroborate the molestation charges, she was forced to quit rather than lie. Due to these findings, no charges were ever filed against Allen.

Moses says that his mother Mia would often lose her temper with the children and fly into extreme fits of rage during which she screamed at and beat her kids. This account of Moses’ childhood is consistent with some of the behavior Mia Farrow exhibit during the time shortly after she discovered that Allen was having an affair with Mia’s adult daughter, Soon Yi Previn, who was 19 at the time. Previn and Allen tied the knot in 1997, but not before being the subject of what some would classify as bizarre behavior by Mia Farrow.

Shortly after Mia found out that Allen was having an affair with Previn, she sent Allen a card with a steak knife stuck into a picture of herself, and steak skewers stuck into the bodies of pictures of all of her children. Accompanying the photograph, which was stuck to a heart-shaped valentine, was a poem that stated Allen had pierced all of their hearts.

Allen reported to his friends that Mia had threatened to kill him on numerous occasions and that she would call him in the middle of the night screaming that he needed to burn in hell because he was the Devil.

Employees working at the house during the time of the incident swore to investigators that Mia Farrow exhibit uncontrollable rage and violent behavior. One nanny stated:

Ms. Farrow has suffered dramatic mood swings and had screaming fits about Mr. Allen. These fits of rage were often conducted in front of the children where she would say mean and nasty things about Mr. Allen. All of the pictures of Mr. Allen in their home were destroyed.

That same nanny also stated that she witnessed Mia slapping Moses across the face, which corroborates his story about having been hit by Mia Farrow when he was a child. Early on, says the nanny, Moses had come forward to say that Mia had fabricated the abuse allegations for the purpose of revenge on Allen over his affair with Previn.

Despite Moses’ statements, Dylan Farrow has remained steadfast in her adult version of the story, in which she claims that Allen molested her in an attic during one day when the children were gathered at the family’s home and Mia Farrow was out. Dylan recently penned a dramatic letter in which she re-asserts that Allen abused her, put his head in her lap while she was naked, and stuck his thumb in her mouth.

Dylan’s brother Moses, along with numerous experts, say that Woody Allen never molested Dylan Farrow, but Mia Farrow and other family members support Dylan’s adult accounting of the events.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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6 Responses to "Woody Allen Never Molested Dylan Farrow Her Brother and Experts Claim"

  1. Mary   February 9, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Holly Smith, did you read the whole interview? It’s all a parody, not a real interview. After all, isn’t Woody Allen a comedian? He makes jokes like that all the time, in the line of “Family Guy”.

  2. Susan Jacobsen   February 7, 2014 at 9:52 am

    Just one thought: On July 11 1992, Mia Farrow wrote a letter and posted it on the door when Woody Allen was there for Dylan’s birthday party. You can see the letter in the 1992 60 Minutes interview on the CBS website. It said “Child Molestor at birthday party. Molded and abused one daughter, now focused on youngest sister. Family disgusted.” The so-called abuse of Dylan didn’t even HAPPEN until August 4. Interesting that Mia labeled him a “child abuser” who was “focused on” Dylan several weeks before the alleged abuse occurred…

  3. rosseaux   February 6, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    It’s interesting to watch this story reemerge just weeks before Ronan Farrow launches his MSNBC talk show. While Dylan’s anguished New York Times piece is very compelling, it’s important to pay attention to how these accusations of abuse have shaped the Farrow family’s fortunes in the past. In 1992, these claims abruptly emerged in the midst of a bitter custody battle between Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, which concluded in a nearly total victory for Farrow—partly due to a sympathetic judge’s concerns about the investigation. Now, 22 years later, without any new evidence or new witnesses to the original claims and no new accusations against Woody Allen by other alleged victims, everybody is suddenly talking about this again. Why? Woody Allen is approaching the sunset of his career and has more than enough accolades to cement his artistic reputation, regardless of any claims made against him (and by all accounts, he’s also indifferent to the popular media and doesn’t even own a computer—he probably heard about Dylan’s editorial through his attorney). Dylan Farrow’s unresolved rage and distress about her father will never be addressed by the courts at this point, and if she hasn’t found peace during the two decades she spent away from him it’s doubtful that a trial-by-public-opinion will. Sexual abuse victims aren’t going to benefit from a sordid, daily recounting of these abuse allegations which, in absence of any new evidence, will forever hang in the air without resolution. The only people who seem to be benefiting are Mia Farrow, who gets to play the heroic mother and martyr—a role she seems to relish, judging from her self-serving statements to the press 22 years ago—and her son Ronan, whose debut ratings on will undoubtedly be bolstered by viewers made aware of him though his public attacks on his father and his sister’s subsequent declarations. We’ll never know whether any abuse ever actually happened but we do know that the Farrow-Allen family seems to be hopelessly unhappy, and bitterly divided along lines of loyalty between Mia and Woody. That’s the real story here, and the real tragedy.

  4. Holly Smith   February 6, 2014 at 6:43 am

    Oh and weird comment from 1976, who says this? Is this normal? Long before accusations? Defending him disgusts me.Let’s do more research.
    “I’m open-minded about sex. I’m not above reproach; if anything, I’m below reproach. I mean, if I was caught in a love nest with 15 12-year-old girls tomorrow, people would think, yeah, I always knew that about him.” Allen pauses. “Nothing I could come up with would surprise anyone,” he ventures helplessly. “I admit to it all.”

  5. Holly Smith   February 6, 2014 at 6:40 am

    Damning, sorry not gaming. Hey Rebecca want to leave your kids with him for a night?

  6. Holly Smith   February 6, 2014 at 6:37 am

    Need to read the court documents coming out, pretty gaming stuff. Plus the people magazine comments Woody himself made long efore he was accused, weird comment to make. And the other brother says it is true

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