American Activists Sleep While South Americans Die



While Venezuela’s failed experiment called “socialism” is spreading violence and protests, American activists are busy sitting in front of their big screen televisions oblivious to the lessons now being taught in the South American oil-rich country. Ignorant “socialists” who enjoy the protection of 214 years of American Independence point to Venezuela as a “success” story of socialism. These same pundits who proudly support the repressive govenment in place, have never even been in South America.

What the US would be seeing, if it were watching, is just a small glimpse of what awaits America if inflation continues to spiral out of control in the “land of the free.” Food, in Venezuela, is limited to what the government allows into the country and brutal hunger is the result. Venezuela imports everything and if that sounds familiar, it should. The US is becoming a national importer and is not the manufacturing country it once was. When hunger settles in, protests and violence follow. When violent protests break out, the government steps in to put down the uprising. Activists in America are not coming to the rescue, they’re talking it to death.

Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, wrote the script that Russian leadership is now following. Denouncing the protesters and activists as “fascists” and vandals, both Maduro and Putin are doing what dictators always do, putting the blame on the population instead of where it should really go.

While many American activists are busy criticizing Latin American governments for not doing enough to bring a halt to the Venezuelan oppression, US citizens are just as guilty. Paying lip service in feigning “alarm.” In reality Americans don’t care and like the misguided socialist living in the US, actually support the tyrannical governments. Just about all of the governments in Central and South America are suppressive in nature. Americans need to watch out. Suppression is something that the US has in common with many Latin American countries.

The US is trying to step in by implementing the failed method of sanctions. Along with US visa bans, freezing assets and forbidding money exchanges, America might as well meet the home-invaders with cookies and milk. It’s about as effective.

So, what’s a dictator like Venezuelan’s Maduro, and Argentina’s Kirchner, to do when the people just won’t shut up and be quiet as they starve to death? Bring in the National Guardsman to put down an empty pots march — and then blame it on the US.

Hundreds of National Guardsman in riot gear stepped in to prevent an “empty pots march” from reaching the food ministry in Caracas. Protesting chronic food shortages, Maduro’s failed socialist government celebrated an Organization of American States (OAS) declaration that spoke out to support Maduro’s regime.

Over 5,000 people marched, in the country’s capital, against crippling inflation and shortages of basics including milk and toilet paper. Five other cities saw similar protests. In Venezuela it’s not unusual for people to spend hours waiting to buy food, never knowing what may be available when they finally get inside the store. While the US preaches human rights, real people are going to bed hungry. People with jobs, families and lives are being tortured and jailed for speaking out.

Why are American activists so busy being quiet. Are people so involved in admiring each other’s Smartphone that they just can’t be bothered? The torture, hunger and violence is — to quote John Kerry — “in your backyard” and it’s going to hit American shores eventually.

Editorial by Jerry Nelson


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  1. Stef   March 18, 2014 at 7:31 am

    While reading this article I realized that it does not belong to the category “political left” and it is rather a piece soaked a mainstream right-leaning rhetoric. Make no mistake, I agree that the situation in Venezuela is definitely dishuman. I once met two people from there who told all sorts of things about the life in Caracas and how bad it is.

    However, I would like to point out that I would rather keep the US out of South American affairs, since they have wrought enough havoc durin the past decades, backing brutal dictators like Pinochet or Noriega, to name just a few, out of a paranoid fear of left-leaning politicians.

    You talk about “torture, hunger and violence”…and I wonder, boy, have you ever heard of Guantanamo? What about the Iraq invasion and all the lies that Bush’s Republicans have fabricated to manufacture consent and talk American people into believing that it was a “just war?”

    I don’t understand while in America whoever talks about left politics mentions the worst possible examples on earth? How myopic is that!? Why don’t you look at Scandinavian countries? Why don’t we talk about how social democratic politics has turned them into the wealthies, most social inclusive and most democratic nations on earth?


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