American Idol Elite 11 Finalists Perform (Review & Videos)

American Idol Elite 11 Finalists Perform (Review & Videos)

On American Idol tonight, the competitors have been narrowed down to the Elite 11.  The competition is heating up, and the tensions are running high, because the remaining competitors know that they need to strive for perfection, or risk getting voted out by you, America. Who will be the next competitor to be voted off American Idol?

American Idol opened up with a clip showing the Elite 11, and we heard voice overs of Harry Connick, Jr., and the other judges and competitors; then, Ryan introduced us once again to the top, or Elite, 11. If they survive the cut, they’ll get to take part in next year’s Summer Tour.

Tonight, the theme is “Songs from the Cinema,” American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, says.  He introduced the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. Harry said that he was “so excited tonight.” The songs tonight must have been in the movies, or related to movies in some way.

Ryan said to Harry that he was “kind of tough last week.”

Harry answered that “it’s not about being tough; it’s about being honest.”

Sam Woolf is the first one to sing tonight. He’s going to sing “Come Together” by The Beatles. Sam says he’s his grandfather’s “wingman,” down in Florida.

Sam sings the first part acapella — with the audience clapping along. He does a pretty cool version of it, though nobody can beat The Beatles at singing their own songs.

Keith Urban: “Man, girls just don’t like you at all. I don’t know what it is. You just need to loosen up.”

J-Lo: “It’s true — you are starting to get loosened up. It was a nice start.’

Harry: “I really think that you’re on the way that you need to be. I think it was an average performance, but I’m encouraged. Pretty good job.”

Ryan reminded America the voting is open, and that you can vote for him starting now, if you liked how he sang “Come Together.” Jessica Meuse, from Slapout, Alabama, will be singing a song from The Graduate next.

Jessica will be singing the Simon & Garfunkel song, “Soundsof Silence.” She plays the guitar as she sings — the phrasing is different from the original; she definitely has made it her own version. She does a great version of it, though. The audience applauded enthusiastically as she finished.

J-Lo: “Jessica, that sounds like the perfect song for you. But, you never seemed to get your groove on. Jessica, it has to be every single time.”

Harry: “What may not have blown Jennifer away was that the band was off. In my opinion, I thought it was a nice job, Jessica.”

Keith: “One of the things I think you can work on is using the dynamics of the room, the environment. You can do that.”

Ryan says that C.J. Harris will sing when American Idol comes back from the next commercial break.

Back from the break, Ryan introduces C.J. who says he’ll be singing “Can’t You See,” from the movie Blow. He has a new guitar he’ll be playing tonight.

C.J. WAILS on this song, and he gives it a raspy, soulful quality. The audience had their hands over their heads, and clapped as C.J. sang. He did an AWESOME job singing it. Keith Urban gave him a standing ovation.

Harry: I think you just picked and sang your way back to the forefront of this competition. That was very, very strong. Nice job.”

Keith Urban: “You completely NAILED that. I’m so proud of you.”

J-Lo: ‘You’re the front runner, baby!”

Harry: You were a bit sharp, but that didn’t matter, because the performance was so good.”

Ryan says that Dexter Roberts will sing next on American Idol, and that it will be “the anthem of his home state.”

Dexter Roberts will be singing “Sweet Home Alabama” from Forrest Gump. It’s a great song — he got the audience into it right from the start. The were clapping their hands over their heads and swaying as he sang. It’s a very long song, so, of course, Dexter had to do a shorter version of it — but, he NAILED it!

Keith: “Lovin’ the haircut, man! You’re really starting to loosen up; you just have to keep on finding ways to make it your own.”

J-Lo: “I believe that you’re starting to believe that you can win, too.”

Harry: “I think you’re really, really smart. I think it was a good performance, but you have to bring something different to it. I think you’ll be tough to beat.”

“After this, our own ‘Bennie’ takes on the Jets,” Ryan Seacrest said, right before American Idol went to yet another commercial break.

Ben Briley, who says he’s a huge Elton John fan, chose to sing “Bennie and the  Jets” from the movie 27 Dresses. He sings WAY DIFFERENT from how he has sung so far on American Idol – he did a TERRIFIC job, though — I really liked how he sang this iconic song. He played the piano as he sang. All of the judges and the audience gave him a standing ovation!

j-Lo: “I thought it was a good vocal performance. I don’t know if it suited you, though.”

Harry: “It felt lack a lackadaisical walk through the song, like it was sort of pointless. I don’t know if we’ve ever heard the real Ben.” The audience booed Harry.

Keith: “What I’m struggling with is that you have all these things around you that now don’t seem authentic.” Personally, I thought that they were a bit harsh on Ben.

Ryan said that when they come back from break, we’ll check in on the real-time voting results.

So far, with male votes, C.J. is number one, then Dexter, Sam, and Ben. With the women voters, Ryan continues, the order is the same, but Jsssica is at number three!

Majesty Rose will be singing a song from Frozen, Ryan said. She has chosen to sing “Let It Go,” an awesome song.  The audience screamed, cheered and applauded at various points during the song. They were on their feet throughout the song.

Harry: “Majesty, to me you are really a mystery. I think that the downside is that you might be losing sight of who you are. But, tonight was a strong performance. You have to be superb no matter what style you sing in. I thought that was strong.’

Keith: “That’s a big song to sing. It’s huge and melodic, an moves around. I think in a lot of ways that song could have been written for you.”

J-Lo: “I think that you can do anything, Majesty — movies, theater, animation — whatever you want to be. I don’t think that’s a negative — I think that’s a positive.”

Caleb Johnson chose to sing “Skyfall,” by Adele from the James Bond movie of the same title. I love Adele’s version of it. Caleb sang his own version of it — I think it was a strong version, and he showcased his powerful pipes, Caleb-fying it. Keith gave him a standing ovation!

Keith: “That was not predictable at all. I thought that was an amazing performance!”

J-Lo: “This is what I’ve been waiting for from you guys! It was great.”

Harry: “I said last week that this group is my favorite so far. That was FANTASTIC.”

Ryan said that MK Nobilette will sing a song from Hope Floats after the next batch of commercials on American Idol.

MK said she sang this song in high school, and she really loved it. It’s “Make You Feel My Love.” She does a really cool version of it, and the audience really got into it.

J-Lo: “I really loved that — I really did. We talked last week about connecting, and I really think you tried to do that.”

Harry: “I think you’re very subtle. I do think you have star quality. You sit or stand and you sing. If you’re going to sing runs, you need to nail them. I liked the performance.”

Keith: “Firstly, you look like a star. This show is about the journey, the unveiling of each of you as artists. We’re seeing little glimpses of who you can be as an artist. You’re really, really good, MK.” I didn’t see this song posted at YouTube as I was completing this recap/review, or I would have included it here.

Ryan says that Alex Preston will perform after the next commercial break. He”ll sing a song from the Indie movie, Once.

After the break, Ryan says that the show will be on at a different time tomorrow night, 9:00 8:00 CT.

Alex Preston will be singing “Falling Slowly” from Once. I have never heard the song, but I really loved hearing Alex’s take on it. He played the guitar as he snag. J-Lo had her eyes closed as she listened, and smiled a little bit. Alex has some definite MAD SKILLS. The audience stood the entire song.

Harry: “It’s really nice to see something simply stated and elegantly done. I’m really proud of you, man.”

Keith: “I love your performances. They’re always real, and fragile, in the moment. I love your artistry.”

J-Lo: “That was the perfect song for you; you sang it beautifully.”

According to Ryan, when American Idol comes back from more commercials, Jena Irene will perform.

The song Jena chose to sing is “Decode” by Paramour, and it’s from the movie Twilight.  I am unfamiliar with this song, but Jena did a terrific job singing it. She played the piano as she sang. She has a powerful, soaring voice — J-Lo seemed to love it, and danced in her seat. Great performance, Jena! She got a standing ovation!

Keith: “There’s a ferocity about the way you perform! It’s exhilarating!”

J-Lo: “You have one of the best voices here! This girl is the Real Thing! Best performance of the night!”

Harry: “I’m a huge Haley Williams fan (Paramour) — that was very, very strong, Jena! Nice work!”

Ryan talks a bit with Malaya Watson, who will be singing a song from Dreamgirls. She said that the movie “really opened my heart.” She will be singing “I Am Changing.” Jennifer Hudson sang it in the movie. Malaya does an AMAZING job singing this beautiful song! Both Keith and J-Lo loked like they were really digging her version of it. Her voice reached the rafters — she was AWESOME! J-Lo stood up and applauded, as did Keith.

J-Lo: ‘Good girl, Malaya! That was killer! You have an amazing voice! Oh, my God!”

Harry: “You just showed everybody that there is a big belter among the females this year! Nice job!”

Keith: “That song was perfect to play to your strengths! What you’ve got inside there that is just going to blossom is magnificent!”

Ryan checked in with the Real-Time voting again. With the guys, Caleb was number one. With the females, it was also Caleb in the lead.  However, Ryan said it could all change.

Besides the new time of 9:00 p.m. /8 :00 CT tomorrow for American Idol, Ryan said that Harry Connick, Jr., will be hitting the stage. Harry said that he still wasn’t sure what he’d be singing. I’m sure it will be a great performance, though.

Once again, there were some excellent performances on American Idol tonight! Some of my favorites of this episode inclued Caleb singing Skyfall,” Majesty Rose performing “Let It Go,” Alex Preston singing “Falling Slowly” and Malaya Watson performing “I Am Changing.” What were some of your favorite performances on American Idol tonight? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Deborah   April 2, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    I would like to hear Maya sing some of Billie Holidays music.

  2. Douglas Cobb   March 13, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    You could be right, Karla! Someone will be voted off, and with so many great singers, America might be looking for even any small mistakes as an excuse to give their votes to someone else. Who knows?

  3. karla   March 13, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Great recap Douglas. We have a contest between friends on who will be voted off each week. I think I’m going to pick MK. She was in the bottom 3 last week and didn’t preform all that good last night. Thoughts?


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