NYC Building Explosion Leaves Three Dead Many Injured

NYC building explosion

Around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning reports came in from a neighbor in an NYC building who claimed to smell gas in the building. Though utility workers were sent out to investigate the report they arrived too late as the gas leak caused an NYC building explosion which left three people dead and as many as 60 or more people injured.

Firefighters in New York City were called this morning in response to an NYC building that exploded and caught fire also collapsing the building beside it. The location was at Park Avenue and 116th Street and neighboring residents claim that the explosion was heard for miles. Residents of the area became anxious as they worried over the explosion, in which investigators and city officials were called in to determine the cause and secure the area. Shortly after the explosion workers drilled into sidewalks in order to shut of the gas in the area. Though no foul play was suspected the FBI and bomb squad were both called to the area, as well.

Though firefighters and city officials worked for hours tending to the situation reports claim that nine people who were residents of one of the two apartment buildings that collapsed are still missing. Three of the building’s residents were found dead and many were found injured. Residents of the buildings who were away at the time of the explosion rushed to the scene only to find that there was nothing left of the building that they previously resided in. Social media photos show a crowded street where many stood crying over the wreckage and their injured loved ones.

Mayor Bill de Blasio gave comments at the scene stating that the reason for the explosion was, in fact, determined to be a gas leak from a mane that services the whole area. He said that since the fire was put out city officials will be working to clean up the rubble and maintain a search for those missing.

The NYC building explosion left three dead and many injured, only some of who have been identified. One of the women killed has been identified as a public safety officer of NYC Hunter College, Sgt. Griselde Camacho. Reports state that two FBI agents, who were in the area on unrelated matters, were injured from the blast.

The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the incident. President Obama extended his sympathy to victims and former residents of the buildings who are worried over what they will do with nowhere to go and no belongings.

Photos taken of the scene show the aftermath of the NYC building explosion, where two buildings once stood, one above a piano shop and the other above a church. Visitors of the church have now made statements claiming that they smelled gas for a couple of days prior to the explosion but did not think anything of it because the smell was not continuous.

It is a tragedy when an NYC building explosion leaves three dead and many injured but city officials and residents are coming together to try and take care of the former residents and their families. New York City mayor stated, “This is a tragedy of the worse kind because there was no indication in time to save people.” Officials will continue to clean up the rubble in hopes of finding anyone who is missing.

By Crystal Boulware

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