Andre 3000 Hits the Stage as Jimi Hendrix

andre 3000

Andre 3000 struts onto the big screen as Jimi Hendrix March 12.  All Is By My Side is the biographical movie based on the late guitarist Jimi Hendrix.  The movie will premiere in the U.S. at the South by Southwest music and arts festival in Austin, Texas.  The biopic film debuted last September in Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Andre 3000 is half of the Grammy Award winning rap duo known as Outkast.  The Outkast member was born Andre Benjamin and adopted Andre 3000 as his stage name.  His counter part Antwan Patton better known as Big Boi has accompanied 3000 in both music and film ventures.  The group first entered the scene as two young rebellious rapping teens.  Rivaling each other during rap battles in high school the two figured it would be better to join forces.  Six albums and six Grammy’s later 3000 has expanded into the realms of successful actor.

Benjamin has participated in a successful film career that began in 2003.  The rapper/actor can be seen in movies such as Four Brothers,  Charlette’s Web, Be Cool and Scary Movie 4.  3000’s prosperous filmography perfectly meshes him into the Hendrix character.  In efforts to harmoniously sync with the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Benjamin listened to hours of interviews and vigorously studied his mannerisms.  The Idlewood performer thoroughly devoted himself to the role, by learning to play guitar, adjusting his weight, and taking dialect lessons.

Even though, Benjamins portrayal of Hendrix was positively received in Canada, there is some controversy surrounding the film.  In past years there have been multiple attempts to record and release a biographical film entailing Jimi Hendrix’s life and career.  The Hughes brother’s and Paul Greengrass are directors who attempted and failed at executing the Hendrix biopic.  The Hendrix estate has continually blocked advances to pursue releasing any movies chronicling the rock stars life.  The estate agreed to the film on the condition that none of Hendrix’s compositions would not be featured in the film.    The movie will alternatively highlight tunes written by the Beatles, the Troggs, and Muddy Waters.

John Ridley is the mastermind that was able to surpass attempts made by other directors in filming the Hendrix biography.  He was able to do this by placing the film’s focus on the phenomenal guitarists’ breakthrough period.  Basically, the film will attempt to engulf Hendrix’s beginning music experience before his first album Are You Experienced? was released.  This will only chronicle the time span of 1966-67, which may leave an audience hungry for much more.  This is barely a snack into the life of the fallen guitar star.  Ridley has his work cut-out for him with such a meager time span when presenting such a fascinating being.  The screenwriter was able to capture an Oscar for his work on 12 Years a Slave; rendering predictions of tremendous success concerning any movie involving his mind work.  With Ridley behind the scenes and Andre 3000 hitting the stage the Hendrix Biopic receives ultimate due justice.

Editorial By Ebony Waller


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