Home Wine Making Made Easy

Home Wine Making Made Easy

Home wine making made easy with miracle machine set to begin Kickstarter funding. Wine expert Ken Boyer and entrepreneur Phillip Vine came up with the idea to create a $20 bottle of wine from $2 of ingredients over the course of a few days in the comfort of home kitchens. The sophisticated device uses custom filtered air-pumps, refractometer sugar measuring devices, and an ultrasonic transducer to turn common ingredients water, yeast, and grape concentrate into delicious wine in a matter of days. Boyer and Vine say they are planning for a device that can make several bottles a month with minimum input from the user.

Home wine making has been around for a long time, but it has always been a complicated process involving several chambers, sometimes miles of plastic tubing, and a strict requirement for sanitary conditions. It can be done, it can be profitable, but it usually isn’t fun. As well, it is often a long process, with a bottle of wine or keg of beer taking weeks to months to fully ferment and become an enjoyable indulgence.

But this new miracle machine will be responsible for home wine making made easy as a cup of coffee. A beautiful meeting of the Silicon Valley innovation and Napa Valley sophistication, the device will pair with the users smart phone via an upcoming app that will keep them informed of the progress of their latest batch and dispense tips and tricks to ensure that anyone can complete the process smoothly.

Although the machine has not been fully funded, there will be six characters of wine to choose from should the funding goals be met. Early adopters will have their choice between Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Tuscan Blend, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Burgundy red and white. More flavours are expected to be announced in three or so months.

The main draw of this machine is that all one needs to do is drop in the required ingredients and monitor the fermentation progress, then drain a delicious bottle of wine once its done. The machine is not meant to store created wines however, so users must be wary not to start more batches than they plan to drink within a week or two. Of course, for those looking for a way to potentially secure a supply of wine for a tenth of the cost of buying it at the liquor store, long-term storage is likely not a major concern. As it stands now, all the pieces are in place for a machine that could potentially revolutionize the wine industry as 3D printers are changing the manufacturing landscape, changing it from an area dominated by large, long-standing establishments to one populated with several small brewers and distributors. Whatever bittersweet memories may be prevalent of friends sharing home-made bottles of wine during the holidays, it seems that this machine with dreams of home wine making made easy may be the answer for those looking to stock up on tasty beverages and emergency gifts alike.

By Daniel O’Brien


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