Apple Adds New Selfie Sharing Section in Apps Store


Apparently Apple has found a need to add a category in the app store specifically for selfie sharing. The selfie is a favorite for posting on such social media sites as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Many people like the filters that apps like Instagram offers to enhance images. Many new apps have been created that have filters and special effects to create better pictures from your camera phones. There are also many that are just fun and add silly effects to pictures. It may just be the iPhone feature a chronic lister needs.

The word “selfie” came into existence when it was seen being thrown around on the photography sharing site Flickr. Ellen DeGeneres recently shut down Twitter when she posted the most famous selfie in existence from this year’s Academy Awards. The star-filled Twitter cast included: Julie Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, among others. Unfortunately for iPhone it was used with a Samsung. Samsung claims they had nothing to do with the impromptu shot.

There are a variety photo apps that are specifically for taking face pictures available on the Apple Store such as Front Flash, which illuminates the photo’s using front-facing camera in low light. Picr is also available. The app creates time-lapse video’s of a group of pictures. The selfie sharing section also has apps that do more than just take pictures. Frontback requires a camera that has both a front and back camera. With the Frontback app, a picture can be created with both a picture from the front and back on one image. Snapchat allows users to import the contacts who also use the app. Users can then send pictures, video’s or doodles with funny captions to their friends. It is a great time waster. Another fun photo face app is Funny Faces. The face distorting app will leave the persons face unrecognizable. There are eight different versions to choose from, and it is Facebook compatible.

Apple is a pioneer in most things when it comes to technology. The company is a master at organizing content, and the app store has earned lot of praise for its easy navigation. The selfie section may just be a success story in the long run. It has not quite become a permanent category at this time, but in the for now it can be found in the featured section when you first enter the Apple Store.

Many of the Apple customers request demands from Apple but a selfie app section may not be one of them, but it may become an appreciated category in time. There could be many uses for the apps found in the selfie app section that are not used for a selfie shot. If someone needs an app that will take an up close picture in low-lighting then they can find the Front Flash app in the seflie section of the Apple Store. Not all of the apps in the selfie section are that vain, geez.

Opinion By Christina Thompson

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  1. jaime   March 16, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Apple’s a mess.


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