Apple Fans Blast Forbes Article for Criticizing Their Beloved iPhone


Apple fans have not taken too kindly to Forbes recent article, The Majority of iPhone Users Admit to ‘Blind Loyalty’ – Why This Is A Problem For Apple by Gordon Kelly, and were very vocal about it on social networking site Twitter blasting the article for criticizing their beloved phone and brand.

The article begins by saying that Apple kit users, who are willing to spend huge amounts of money to own MacBooks, Macs, iPads and iPhones, are usually humored by Apple cynics by being called “iSheep” and “it is a wonderfully concise allegation.”

According to the article, in a mobile phone purchasing decisions poll of 2,275 iPhone users, 59 percent admitted to “blind loyalty.” Furthermore, 78 percent said that they could not “imagine having a different type of phone now,” while 52 percent said they were just “really impressed” with their iPhone. The research was conducted by

The article further mentioned the figures from tech analyst Horace H. Dediu’s blog at, which said that this month, showed that Apple has taken over 62 percent of the smartphone industry’s $216 billion net operating profits over the last six years as compared to Samsung’s 26 percent, which was in second lead.

However, henceforth, the article went on to show that users’ blind loyalty to the brand is not really as blind as it may seem. Based on the data collected from the research, the article highlighted that on a global level, android’s market share was higher, at 78.6 percent, by the end of 2013, while the market shipment of Android was up by 40.3 percent, whereas iOS shipment had increased by a mere 6.7 percent in the same period.

The article also pointed out that the response to iPhone 5C has been weak in the sub-$200 smartphone sector. It said that if anyone was to look closely and deeper into the data presented by — the “seemingly impervious ‘blind loyalty’ research” – they would notice “cracks start to appear” in this claim.

The survey revealed that 31 percent respondents had another phone before owning an iPhone. Of the 54 percent who said they had owned an iPhone previous to their current one, 37 percent said they were comfortable with it, 25 percent said they owned one because their friends and relatives also had iPhones, whereas only 28 percent said it was the best phone at the time they were making a switch. The article claimed that these statistics are weak to maintain brand loyalty and competitions from the other phones in the market make it unlikely that “this collective ostrich syndrome can continue.”

The article concluded by saying that low priced and better quality android phones are unlikely to keep iPhone users long with their phones and that would be the point where “blind loyalty would be almost impossible. Even for self-confessed iSheep.”

Following the publishing of this article, Apple fans on twitter took to blasting the Forbes article for criticizing their beloved iPhone and brand. In a phone interview, Sam Adam said even if what the writer said was a fact, the wordings of the article were leaning strongly towards being anti-Apple and that had upset him as an Apple fan. He said the results of the survey could have been published without the writer leaning towards any one way. He said he had also shared his opinion on both Facebook and Twitter and hoped it reached the writer of the article.

Twitter user, ‏@goodboygreg was strong in his choice of words using a profanity to retaliate to the website that published the article. Other twitter users, Scottski91 and Joe admitted to preferring iPhones over any other brand, while the latter added that he had used both androids and iPhone and found the Apple product better.

Chase Sloan, who tweets as ‏@Chase_Sloan wrote, “@ForbesTech they [Apple] sold a lifestyle and image under the mask of a phone. Other brands have yet to do that. #SubconsciousStatusSymbol.”

While blasting the Forbes article that criticizes their beloved iPhone, fans said that it is not a mere case of “herd following” as people who do not like Apple products accuse them of being. They said everyone has their own preference and for them, apart from the ease and comfort of using an iPhone, the brand has actually changed how the world uses a mobile phone and that is what makes them stay with Apple products.

By Faryal Najeeb


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4 Responses to "Apple Fans Blast Forbes Article for Criticizing Their Beloved iPhone"

  1. Fayez Najeeb   March 23, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    iSheeps always go crazy if anything is said against apple. How ever the failure of iPhone 5C shows that Steve Jobs was right of building only premium product with premium price.

  2. Darrell Hampton   March 23, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Typical of someone not a user of Apple products! There is no substitute for fabulous products, innovation and unquestionable customer service, all of which Apple embodies, that’s why we pay more dummies, for the best!!! This article was juvenile , inaccurate , and downright anti Apple

  3. usman   March 23, 2014 at 11:26 am

    Very captivating n well written article

  4. Meno Tu   March 23, 2014 at 10:39 am

    capture–bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which owners ( especially Apple ) express empathy and sympathy and have extreme positive feelings toward their products always to the point of defending them ad nauseum

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