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It is no secret how popular Apple is and has been for years. This company produces the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, Apple TV, and the iPod. Now their latest endeavors involve an idea that is not new to technology buffs. They have integrated the iOS system into vehicles. It was first introduced at WWDC 2013. This presentation showed how the Apple iOS would function in the car. There was a large demonstration of a digital in-car dash with iOS displayed. Vice President  Eddy Cue demonstrated every function it is intended to have. The functions will be similar to that of most smart cars with a few exceptions.

This brand new Apple iOS in-car feature should be rolling out at the Geneva Motor Show according to Financial Times. The automakers that are currently on board to launch the functions first are Volvo, Mercedes- Benz, and Ferrari. In fact the VP and board member from Ferrari was actually the one who demoed the Apple technology. There were four main capabilities the Apple iOS in-car has; the top four were messaging, maps, phone and music.

Messaging – This feature is a very hands free safe feature sure to wow its users. It allows the users to ask Siri to read the messages, and then decide to reply orally or dismiss it. The innovative feature allows drivers the options that could cut back on the amount of texting and driving accidents in the past.  In the demo Cue is seen asking the car to read a message and responding to the option to reply or not.

Map- The map feature works identical to the feature on the phone.  Cue asks Siri for directions to a location. This enables the user to just ask for verbal instructions instead of taking time to key it in or, use one’s mobile phone.

Phone- This is a feature that is already enabled in most vehicles that have Siri. The features are not that different at all. The driver can verbally command the car to call someone and end the calls.

Music- This is also a feature found in all smart vehicles. Therefore, the functionality is the same. Verbal commands control the song selection; volume, pause, play and navigation through tracks.

All of these features are things that appear very attractive to other automakers outside of the few they will launch with. Therefore, outside of Ferrari, Mercedes – Benz, and Volvo there are some others. Some additional automakers that will take on the integration are Jaguar, Honda, and Nissan. Though, there is no specific date, this is something tech fans, and car buffs can defiantly look forward too.

Of course this innovative move in-car technology can not be done without duplication. It has come to the attention of the Head of Mergers at Apple Elon Musk that Google is brokering a similar deal with Audi. They are in partnership with Audi for a complete entertainment system in their vehicles on Androids OS.

This creative innovation has provided car buyers with new  enhanced ways to improve safety, and optimize the driving experience. Having Apple iOS in the car system will be a great enhancement and will be a strong selling point to most car dealers. Furthermore, the fact that there will be iOS and OS will draw another line of healthy competition between rival brands.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker




Apple Insider 

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  1. Arlene Davis   March 4, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Well written Schelett. This information is easily digestable for new techies and for the avid tech guru im sure its great to know what to expect. Much appreciated!

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