Aromatic Fork: The Ultimate Diet Tool

aromatic fork

An aromatic fork designed by Molecule-R could become the ultimate diet tool, since it combines the best of both worlds, namely smell and healthy eating. What people consider taste is actually strongly related to smell, so the molecular gastronomy company thought of creating a fork which tricks the mind into thinking that the lips feel the fine texture of chocolate, when instead it enjoys a serving of salad. After a bacon alarm and a smartphone which tells the time by spraying puffs of scent have taken the world by storm, it is time to reinvent the trivial fork and give it a twist.

Molecule-R, a molecular gastronomy company came up with an aromatic fork, the ultimate utensil which can become a diet tool for those who enjoy a carrot while thinking of consuming ice-cream with coconut flavor. As impossible as it may sound, the gadget will be released this summer and the technology is anything but complicated. Since what people usually consider taste is actually just smell, this fork holds an aromatic compound near the nose and mixes the leaf of salad on the tongue with what is in the nostrils in order to create new flavors. The aromatic fork can satisfy cravings like mixing a dull steak with as many as 21 smells, which gives food a new meaning, no matter how tasteless diet food may seem for some. The device is simply a fork with a small depression on the handle, which holds blotting paper with a drop of aromatic. There are 21 different smells that come with the aromatic fork, so this utensil can become the ultimate diet tool for those who wish they enjoyed a bar of chocolate rather than a healthy, crunchy salad.

Jonathan Coutu, president of Molecule-R, stated that the idea of such a utensil came to him “during a wine and food pairing class.” He immediately thought of a device that could encapsulate a flow of aroma that tricks the mind into thinking the mouth indulges in a product of its preference. The 21 smells are divided into beans, fruits, herbs, nuts, spices and umami, which give the aromatic fork a chance to experiment with smells to create the impression that the dish served contains flavors preferred by the person who eats it. Therefore, apart from the fact that people can now experience a symphony of tastes with the help of an illusion, even diet could become easier with a “taste” of chocolate, courtesy of a scent-emitting fork that makes food taste better.

Other Inventions for Foodies

The aromatic fork is not the only invention which offers foodies the chance to experience taste with the help of smell. Such an example is the bacon alarm clock, which can be obtained in two simple steps. First, one must download the app “Wake Up & Smell the Bacon” for free, and then purchase the small device which plugs into the headphone jack of the Apple gadget. When the alarm goes off, the gadget emanates a bacon scent into the air while a voice talks about the product and the app plays a video of cooking bacon.

Another example which shows that, as far as the brain is concerned, smell is more important than taste is the smartwatch created by Aisen Caro Chacin, physical computing lecturer at the Parsons New School for Design in New York. Every six hours, the gadget releases a whiff of perfume associated with waking up, times of activity, relaxing or sleeping.

Molecule-R’s aromatic fork aims at changing the way people perceive food and, why not, becoming the ultimate diet tool thanks to the 21 smells which can trick the brain into thinking that every meal is a symphony of tastes.

By Gabriela Motroc



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