Wal-Mart Consumers Burned by Dolls

Wal-Mart has steadily been in the news receiving, what many believe, bad press. A string of suspect news reports have been mainly focused on questionable integrity and employee issues. Alleged mistreatment of employees and fighting a minimum-wage increase can make for struggling employees. A reported plunging quarterly bottom-line (possibly due to the cut in food stamps) and the brutal winter on the east coast does not help. Many believe, too, it is simply a matter of customers raising an eyebrow at the business practices of Wal-Mart. As if the issues aforementioned were not already challenging enough, now the company faces an issue that any department store dreads occurring. Reportedly 174,000 dolls were recalled after some consumers were burned.

My Sweet Love My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care baby doll is far from a typical baby doll. The attraction many little girls have towards the 16-inch toy baby dressed in pink floral-print pajamas and a knit hat is that the baby gets physically ill, and the owner of the electronic baby has a medical bag to help nurse their baby back to health. According to CBS News, My Sweet Love My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care, made by Tak Ngai Electronic Toys Company in China, coughs and baby-talks with red cheeks to signal to the mother that he or she is ill. The report goes on to state that this product was exclusively a Wal-Mart product, sold for $20 from 2012 to 2014.

USA Today reported the circuit board that is located inside of the baby’s chest can cause burns to the user’s fingers due to the overheating of the surface of the baby. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported the toy gets dangerously hot. Wal-Mart has received 12 reports of the battery-operated baby doll overheating, with two reports resulting in blisters and burns on the user’s fingers. The company issued a recall instructing consumers to immediately remove the batteries from the toy and return the baby doll as soon as possible to the nearest store for a refund. My Sweet Love My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care, according to ABC News, has a label sewn onto the doll’s underside with UPC 6-04576-16800-5.

The chain is asking that consumers contact them at 1-800-925-6278 if there are any questions. The same supplier of My Sweet Love My Sweet baby Care is a supplier of other Wal-Mart toys. While many believe the concept of a child healing a sick baby back to perfect health sounds good in theory, some question the actual psychological impact a sick baby has on a child. A toy baby learning to crawl, walk, and talk is beneficial in the development of a child. A toy that demonstrates the potty training process could make what both parent and child sometimes view as a struggle and frustrating experience to be possibly helpful. However, a baby who suddenly becomes extremely hot, begins to cough, and turns bright red might be alarming to a child, especially if the baby starts to become too hot to the touch and has to be taken away to the store, never to be seen again. Watching a toy baby repeatedly get sick could possibly program and teach a child what?

Opinion by Meleika Gardner

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  1. fwjoy   March 27, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Wow! That’s scary. I was never a fan of Walmart.


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