Become a Scrabble God

Become a Scrabble God

If you want to become one of the most famous Word Nerds out there, nay, a Scrabble god, here’s your chance to have one of the words you dream up be included in the latest Scrabble Dictionary! Have you ever had letters you couldn’t play, like a Q without having a U? Some words start with just a Q, but not very many English ones do.

The trouble has always been, up until NOW, that is, that you couldn’t officially play a word in Scrabble if it wasn’t in the Scrabble Dictionary — or, whatever dictionary you happened to be using in your house. That’s still going to be a rule — BUT, here’s your chance to add a word to the Scrabble Dictionary, and become a veritable Scrabble god.

You can either invent a word you think is catchy and people will get into incorporating in a rousing, blood-pumping game of Scrabble; or, you can nominate an existing word or slang word that no one else has nominated yet.

Where do you go to nominate a word and become a Scrabble god?

The Scrabble contest is sponsored by Hasbro, the company which sells the game wordsmiths love so much. It’s very simple to nominate a word — go to the Hasbro Game Night Facebook page and post a word there. Get the most “Likes” — nothing difficult about that — and the Top 16 words will move on to the next stage of the competition.

Some words that have the most nominations so far include “zen,” “OK,” “ew,” “hashtag,” “Amazeballs,” “selfie,” and “photobomb,” and slang words used in gaming, such as “NOOB,” and “EMBIGGEN.” The link to go to the Hasbro Game Night Facebook page follows this article, below.

You have until the deadline of March 28th to post your invented words or nominate ones already there. Then, the people behind this Scrabble contest will choose 16 words from the ones submitted and the voting stage of the competition will commence on April 2. You will have until April 10 to vote on your favorite word of the Top 16 choices. Well, actually, until April 9, as the Chosen Word will be revealed on April 10.

The new Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, which will include thousands of new words, will also include the word that one lucky Scrabble god submitted, which the Powers That Be will select as the overall winner. Cool, huh?

Remember, you can’t suggest any words that could be considered to be proper nouns, such as “Belieber,” or “Kollection,” named after the Kardashian Kollection, of course. The last time that the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary was updated was nine years ago, in 2005.

What are you waiting for? Get your head in the game, come up with a word that’s simply Amazeballs, and YOU might be the lucky person who has his/her word chosen to be included in the next Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, which will be available in August.

Written by: Douglas Cobb
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