Bieber and Gomez Romance Upsets Taylor Swift


Bieber and Gomez have rekindled a flame that upsets not only beliebers, but Taylor Swift as well.  Selena Gomez and Swift have allegedly had  a strained relationship due to a short-lived liaison Gomez had with  Ed Sheeran.  Sheeran has written for One Direction, made appearances on Swift’s Red album, and has connections to Jamie Fox and Elton John.  When the web of romance was ended between the two Swift saw it as Gomez attempting to stir-up some jealous emotions inside the Biebs.

The final straws that broke Swift’s back were laid during the weekend of the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.  South by Southwest is a music, film, and technology festival that takes place once a year in Austin, TX.  After delivering a ridiculously stand-offish deposition in Miami, concerning one of his many legal woes, Bieber traveled to Austin, TX.  The reunification of the two exes, Gomez and Bieber, began at Don Pepe’s McAllen Mexican restaurant.  Reportedly, reps for both the pop stars contacted the restaurant in hopes of setting up a private brunch for the rekindling love birds.  Upon first request, the manager Raul Mares declined the original inquiry.  Mares resorted to contacting the restaurant owners who approved the private meal between the young stars.  Mares reported that the two pop-sensations were affectionate, kissing, and looked to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Later that evening the pair hit the action dance studio for a piping hot private session.  Video has now been revealed of the couple engaged in a dance ensemble choreographed to John Legend’s song Ordinary People.  The performance resembled a sweet endearing couple in the midst of their highest form of romance.  The moves were elegant, but gave a raw un-cut feel of two people in-love but constantly pulled apart.  Quite a parallel to their current life’s situation concerning their frequent break-ups.

Bieber continued to cast his spell of romance at a surprise acoustic performance at the Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden.  Gomez was reportedly backstage watching the performance as Bieber made his dedication.  Before performing the song As long as You Love Me he stated, “this next song goes out to my baby;” obvious spectators have pinged Gomez as his baby.  This quick rekindling between the two has also surfaced reports of if the two were ever splittsville to begin with.

The Gomez family has reportedly voiced that Bieber was the worse thing to happen to the young Disney star.  Bieber’s family on the other hand believes his first love is the best thing to happen to the troubled Usher protege.  Gomez’s entrance into rehab was in regard to her recovery from her relationship with Bieber.  Gomez seems to have a definite addiction to Bieber and seems to have relapsed fairly quickly after her rehab stint.  The two seem to function very well as a couple and there are no legal troubles or rehab stays in the abyss when they were a full fledged couple.  If the two were attempting to keep a secret relationship away from the public eye this entire time it would explain the small increments of self-destruction.  Taylor Swift being Gomez’s BFF at one point in time possibly eludes to her having more knowledge on the specifics of the situation.  It may not be the entirety of the Bieber and Gomez romance Swift is upset by; but the way it is untruthfully unfolding.

Opinion By Ebony Waller

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