Beyonce and Jay Z Joint Summer Tour?


Word around town is that the music industry’s hottest couple, Mr and Mrs Carter, are all set to dazzle the US with a dual offering of hip hop performances later this year. Apparently Beyonce and Jay Z are planning a joint tour for this coming summer with 20 dates scheduled all over America, beginning at the end of June. The plans also apparently include an appearance in New York on the fourth of July.

While both super stars have been incredibly successful in their individual tours – Jay Z’s Magna Carter World Tour recently came to a close at the end of January to rapturous praise and Beyonce’s Mrs Carter World Tour gained similarly impressive reviews after ending its run in Portugal – this would be their first time on the road as part of the same tour. They have shared the stage multiple times in the past, the most recent being their performance of Drunk in Love at the Grammy Awards on the 26th of January, which was a passionate and provocative testament to the strength of their own enduring affections and marriage. With Jay in a tuxedo and Bey in a revealing black cut out body suit, the stage literally sizzled with sexual energy. They have also made surprise appearances at each others gigs and seem to be just as crazy in love with each other as when they first got together.

Even off stage they have often collaborated on tracks for one another; songs such as Upgrade U, Deja Vu and Welcome to Hollywood right back to their first feature song together, O3 Bonnie and Clyde illustrate the mutual influence and support they have provided for each other over the course of their careers. They also recently appeared at Coachella but performed separately, Beyonce supporting her younger sister Solange Knowles while Jay rapped with fellow artists Nas and Diddy. Most married couples would find living and working together a little too much but there seems to be no stopping the first couple of hip hop as the idea of a joint summer tour seems like the next logical step for Beyonce and Jay Z – after all, there is not much they have still to try. As well there is little that seems to adversely affect them as age difference, work pressures, miscarriage, the arrival of their first child and the continual media frenzy which surrounds every minute detail of their lives has yet to rock their marriage even slightly. Despite being notoriously private about their personal lives, Beyonce in particular has started to open up more about their feelings for each other. She credits her husband with inspiring her and helping her find self-acceptance and strength. He meanwhile is a constant support to his wife, maintaining she is the best performer in the music industry right now.

The idea of a joint summer tour makes even more sense now that they have an adorable two-year old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, to look after. One tour bus for one big happy, hip hop family of super stars. The music industry’s most influential couple rarely put a foot wrong on stage or in the studio with their combined wealth now totaling an estimated $95 million, according to Forbes online, so combining such potent and lucrative talent could surely produce only more sparks of amazing success? Regardless, news of the husband and wife duo, Jay Z and Beyonce, teaming up for what is bound to be a smash hit summer tour later this year is cause for serious celebration among any hip hop fans of the famous pair. Possibly the best entertainers in the business – this is possibly the best two-for-one deal ever to be put on offer.

Commentary by Rhona Scullion


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