Israel Prepares for War


Iran has been nearing a successful talk with the United States and the European Union over its nuclear program. It seems like a great leap forward for Iran losing its status as an enemy of the United States and other Western powers. While peaceful talks are underway, Israel prepares to launch a multi-billion dollar war against Iran.

It seems that the “Jewish State” cannot let go of past issues and tensions. Israel has made the claim that they hold the right to attack Iran. The attacks would be done alone as Israel has been so adamant in their pursuit of war with Iran, other allies have abandoned the warmongering country to fend for themselves as is their new intention. The new budget reported by Haaretz newspaper, has ten billion shekels or around three billion dollars of funds to prepare for a strike on Iranian nuclear sites, an act that will surly begin a war in the region.

Debates over the progressing talks between Western powers and Iran were quickly dismissed in Israeli parliament by army commanders who claimed higher-ups decided to continue the set course. Israeli leaders claim the talks are but a ruse in order for Iran to recover their economy and to go unhindered in their pursuit of nuclear weapons and becoming  one of the few nations in the middle east with such capabilities. Defense Minster Moshe Yaalon called the United States weak-willed for attempting to talk out Iran’s nuclear program.

He makes the claim that no one can police the world better than the United States and hopes it will come “to its senses” on the matter. Israeli’s persist in their rhetoric claiming their nation is in immediate threat from a nuclear strike. The repeated idea of Iran wishing to remove Israel  off the map does not discredit everything they do. Iran has never engaged in an offensive war in its history. Israel however, sees itself drowning in a sea of enemies for no reason. The reason they refuse to accept is the persecution of native Palestinians and constant attacks on other muslim nations in the area. To not have enemies would show far too much forgiving in the Muslim world.

Israel fails to see the remote possibility of Iran trying to better its situation by improving their infrastructure and, with the talks in Vienna, their relations across the globe. Every minute that Iran hopes to build nuclear plants is seen as another minute that Israel is in danger. They are seen as the biggest terrorist group on the planet and Israel is adamant in assuring that the world regurgitates the words of the world’s “victim”. The biggest threat to stability in the Middle East has proven to be Israel’s insecurity with the surrounding nations. Never once has the nation tried to hold a summit of sorts to talk out the issues. Israel’s hand was held by American arms during its early stages and now feels that it has enough munitions, cause and power to finally prepare for war against an enemy as what should be seen a rogue state.

Opinion By Andy Diaz

Russia Today

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  1. Chris   March 31, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    I see what you’re saying Matthew Ashworth for Congress. Basically your premise if that Iran is bad and no matter what they do or say, they need to be wiped of the map and the US has to get on board and support every action because they are allies. Do you not realize America is broke and cannot afford a war without completely bankrupting the country and %99 of its citizens and it being a war in which they are the aggressor and they area already engaged in diplomacy in which we have no idea what the conditions are? Do you not realize that doing this as the aggressor will cause Israel to lose the support they do have around the world? Did you not read the part of the article that said that Israel had not engaged in any talks with any of its neighbours, ever, which may be the reason they feel so threatened when beyond words of totally stupid arabs that say they want to wipe Israel off the map. I think Israel’s neighbours realized after the 6 day war in 1967 that Israel is there to stay and the are not going anywhere regardless of what they want. If they didn’t then they sure do now after the construction of the permanent security wall. Israel’s refusal to talk to their neighbours is what concerns me, and I am sure it does the Arab states most. I am sure they are worried that after they have all of Palestine that they will be next. Maybe if Israel would tell them what their intentions are for the future it would relieve a bit of the tension. Don’t get me wrong, I like that the Jewish people have returned to their homeland. They are the only ancient people in this world today and after all the trauma is their history, they truly thrive and are an amazing people that I have so much respect for. I think its sad that the Arab states don’t help the Palestinians settle somewhere else as staying there is clearly not going to work or be a safe place to raise their families. I mean lets face it, one of them is going to have to leave and Israel is the strongest force and will clearly win any war that happens. The ancient Jewish people had to leave their homeland, before, if the Palestinians settle somewhere where they can grow and thrive, maybe they can too one day in the far distant future. I am getting of the topic; but, attacking Iran is not the answer. It will not make them safer in the long run. It will only cause them to lose all the support that they have around the world. They could focus on technology that could defend them against a nuclear attack and point a thousand satellites on Iran to monitor any sort of attack. When and if they do attack, they can shoot it down before it leaves Iranian airspace and then they can nuke Iran with the 500 or so Nukes Israel has and at the same time have everyone’s support.
    Any attack on any country in the Middle East at this point will cause all of the countries of the world to choose their side and therma-nuclear WW3 will commence. Why are you so eager for everyone in the world without an underground base to die. including yourself? Because that is what is going to happen unless all of these so called leaders/criminals doesn’t stop talking about war. Nobody, including Earth, will survive out next world war except the elite who are the ones causing all of this conflict/ Write that to Congress amd wake the f%$k up!! There is already a war happening and the elite call it “The War Against You!”. Death or Serfdom are the choices if we don’t band together and start challenging the decisions of our governments. They’ve been dividing and conquering is for 200 years and its time to stop getting played by CNN, Fox – Chris W

  2. Matthew Ashworth for Congress   March 22, 2014 at 5:46 am

    Iran is committed to destroying Israel and they have never made any effort to hide that fact. Additionally, Iran is a sponsor of radical groups who have committed terrorist attacks across the Middle East. Iran uses “peace” as a tactic to further their agenda of getting nuclear weapons, destroying Israel and establishing Iranian hegemony across the region. Americans support Israel regardless of our feckless current administration’s policies. Israel is the only ally America has in the region and the Americans would be wise to remember that.

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