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Captain America: The Winter Solider is just a couple of weeks away from its release in North America on April 4. However, it has already been confirmed that a third film is being written and likely to open in the May 6, 2016 slot that is currently competing with the untitled Batman vs. Superman flick. Returning screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFreely reveal to Den of Geek that the only hint they can give in regards to the story of Captain America 3 is “psychotic 1950s Cap.”

To those unfamiliar with the comics the thought of Captain America going maniacal would come to mind. This is not too far off, but what Markus and McFreely are quite possibly referring to is the fourth individual to take on the Captain America identity, William Burnside.

In the comics, the character has a long history. To sum it all up, Burnside grew up idolizing the first Captain America, Steve Rogers, during World War II when he was only in his preteens. When Rogers was supposedly killed, Burnside began to obsessively study the patriotic hero’s history. Eventually, he came across the formula for the Super Soldier Serum that initially gave Rogers his powers.

During the Korean War, America wanted a patriotic hero and Burnside would change his name to Steve Rogers and did plastic surgery to look like Rogers so that he could take the mantle of the hero. The war would eventually end, however, and his transformation was all for nothing.

Burnside, now named Steve Rogers, met another fan at school, named Jack Monroe, and together they decided to take the mantle of Captain America and his sidekick Bucky. When the Red Skull returned, portrayed by Hugo Weaving in the first film, the two friends injected themselves with the Super Soldier Serum. While fighting communism as a modern, 1950s version of the famed pair of heroes, Burnside and Monroe eventually developed schizophrenia due to the serum they took being impure. The condition drove them maniacal and the government placed them in cryogenic stasis.

If the writers hint mean anything, the story of the third Captain America film could possibly take place in present day when Burnside and Monroe are awoken out of their stasis. Burnside in particular becomes a puppet at the will of an evil doctor who makes him the Grand Director, a leader for the neo-nazis as part of a group called the National Force.

What is interesting is that there are rumors that Chris Evans as Captain America in the cinematic universe could bite the dust. Sebastian Stan who will be portraying Bucky Barnes/The Winter Solder in the upcoming, self-titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier is contracted for nine films, while Evans is contracted for six. In the comics Bucky Barnes eventually takes the mantle of Captain America after Rogers dies and he is confronted by one of his greatest foes, The Great Director.

Evans said in an interview he plans to, at the least, fulfill the six film contract and appear in Avengers 3, along with Captain America 3, which is rumored to precede the team up blockbuster in May 2016. Could Bucky take the mantle earlier than expected in the third film and face off against the Grand Director? Since the villian got plastic surgery to look like Rogers, turning Evans into a bad guy could be quite poetic since his best friend Bucky turns evil in Winter Soldier. It is all speculative right now, but nevertheless, the hint by the writers is a juicy once, as the rich story of Burnside could make for an intriguing antagonist in a future installment.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens across North America on April 4, while the third film is rumored to be set for May 06, 2016.

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