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ChildrenIn our world today, children and young teens have been gaining more information due to the new technologies that were introduced in the past few years. The developed environment that children live in also plays an important role in children’s education. Watching TV has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It can be a positive influence and a great benefit for children, as well as it can have a negative impact on their brain, health, and social life.

Many researches show and emphasize how children learn and gain a lot of information just from watching TV. Numerous studies also demonstrate the importance of the TV for children and young teens. On the other hand, and despite the advantages that children gain from watching TV, several studies proved the opposite. Having several views and different opinions by numerous doctors and therapist will make people wonder what is right and what is wrong.

Several studies did show the advantages that are found behind children watching TV. Some of these advantages are the severe benefits that children gain from watching TV. Watching TV won’t harm children, and it will give them a new learning method. As research shows, children who watch TV on regular basis, are more likely to improve in their academic skills and their ability in learning. Children benefit from the hours spent watching TV because they listen and hear new words and sometimes a new language. Children who watch TV for few hours a day are more likely to learn new vocabulary, and be ahead of their classmates in school. Watching TV helps children to absorb more information in a young age.

Despite the advantages that children gain from watching TV daily, there are many disadvantages behind it. As doctors and researchers show, limiting the time that children spend watching TV will have significant advantages for their health and wellbeing. Having children obsessed with the new technologies around them is a major issue. In most cases, parents use the new technologies in order to please their children or keep them busy when they need them to. Having children used to these technologies creates a major problem that will negatively affect the kid. Children who sit in front of the TV screens for hours a day, look at their IPads and tablets for a long time, will mostly have end up with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. It will also affect their social relationships. Studies did show that it is much better to at least delay the age of watching TV to three years old.

Children aged three years to seven years are advised to watch not more than half an hour of TV a day. Children range from seven years to twelve years old is better liked to watch TV for an hour a day. Children from twelve years to fifteen years should watch TV for only one and a half hour a day, and children who are sixteen years old should not watch TV more than two hours a day. This study does not only apply on watching TV. It also applies on looking at any kind of a screen from TV, laptops, phones, or even tablets.

By Georgina Abboud


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The Telegraph


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