Chris Brown: He Is Rich, Famous and…That Is It

Chris Brown

Hollywood is very funny when it comes to who to keep and who gets the boot. Throughout the years many talented celebrities have let their fame get to their head and have messed up; the price was their popularity with the public and they are sometimes never heard from again. Why is it that talented people like Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) or Mel Gibson get the boot for racial discrimination, but Chris Brown gets to keep being famous even though he physically abused his girlfriend? His latest single Loyal is the newest example of how too much fame and money can make a young man stupid.

The song begins with Chris Brown stating out loud “You thought it was over,” which the immediate reaction from the listener should be “we hoped.” What is the song about? The song is about Brown trying to warn young men everywhere not to get into a relationship based purely on material gain. If a woman is in a relationship because her boyfriend buys her expensive things, she will instantly leave him if he cannot afford any more jewellery or if she finds a richer moron to parasite off of. This leads to the chorus line “these hoes ain’t loyal.”

What is the problem with this? It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of getting involved with gold-diggers. True, but with the degrading lyrics, this song ends up being about a spoiled brat complaining about his discovery that the woman who cheated on her last boyfriend to be with Brown, who also drinks, does drugs, drains his money for shopping, and parties every day, turns out to be… unfaithful. What a shock!

The real dilemma is how Chris Brown sings this song. If he had sung this with a sense of regret, maturity and understanding of where he went wrong, this could have worked. Unfortunately, he brags about how many women he stole from other men, and how famous and rich he is. Here is an excerpt “Just got rich. Took a broke n****’s bitch. I can make a broke bitch rich, But I don’t f*** with broke bitches.” How is anybody supposed to sympathize or relate to someone who says that? Brown somehow made a song about a man being taken for all he has, and has the listener side with the gold-digger.

Is there anything good? One thing and one thing only! The background music has an electronic synthesizer playing throughout the whole four minutes. It is smooth, calm and very funky. With a better vocalist and lyricist this could have had potential. But even the beat has a downside; it is the same chords playing over and over again, with the only differences being a change in pitch.

Rappers Lil’ Wayne and Tyga make an appearance, but they are of little consequence. The real problem is its leading man. Brown became mega-famous at the age of 16. From then on he has had a flood of teenage girls flocking to him, eager to “make his acquaintance.” This is what has crippled his personality. Guys have to develop an allure to get girls. Learn their own strengths and weaknesses in order to seduce women. With Brown, his fame and fortune took care of that and thus he never had to develop a charisma. The case is very apparent with this single; he does not have boyish charm or a devil-may-care persona, he is just rich and famous.

Opinion By Ignacio Gatti


Youtube *WARNING! Explicit language is used in the video clip.

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  1. Stranger   October 31, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    Don’t be jealous of him.. The song has potential, just look how many people just listened to the song..almost 200 million 😉

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