Dancing With the Stars Adios Billy Dee Williams (Review)

Dancing With the Stars Adios Billy Dee Williams (Review)

Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, the theme is “Most Memorable Year.” The celebrities will get to choose a song that reminds them of one of the most memorable times or experiences of their lives to dance to with their pro dance partners. Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts will be this season’s first celebrity  guest judge.  There will be four judges instead of the usual three this episode, so each couple can earn a maximum of 40 points. What’s more, Billy Dee Williams, sadly, dropped out of the competition due to a back injury. That means that none of the other nine dancers will be eliminated tonight.

The scores the nine remaining celebrity dancers receive are still important, though, as they could help determine which celebrity in next week’s episode of Dancing With the Stars is eliminated.

At the start of Dancing With the Stars, Robin Roberts was led onto the stage by the Chmerkovskiy brothers, Maks & Val. Soon after, the news was announced that Billy Dee Williams would not be dancing the Foxtrot he’d planned to dance, as it was against his doctor’s orders. He had planned to dedicate it to his grandchildren. They were there, and came up on stage and kissed their grandad, in a touching moment of this episode.

The first pair of dancers on Dancing With the Stars were James Maslow and his pro dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd. They danced the Jive to “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World.  The dance commemorated the most memorable year in Maslow’s life, 2007, when he says that he realized he had control over his own destiny.

They were AWESOME, performing one of the best dances so far of this season! But, what will the judges think?

Len made a joke about their performance being like an “earthquake” because they rocked the place. He called their dance “Fantastic,” and said that it was “your best dance.”

Robin told them “Thanks” for the way “you attack every dance.”

Bruno compared the performance to a “lightening strike.” He said that they were “superb.”

Carrie Ann said their performance was “wonderful,” though she noticed “one small flaw,” but, other than that, they were “great.”

The judges gave the first pair, James and Peta, scores of straight 9s, for a grand total of 36/40 points.

The second celebrity dancer on Dancing With the Stars tonight will be NeNe Leakes, with her pro dance partner, Tony Dovolani. They will be dancing the Rumba to I Believe in You and Me” by Whitney Houston. She’s dedicating the dance to the year she married her husband, Greg, for the second time.

Robin was the first to comment on the dance. She said their dance was “sensual and beautiful.”

Bruno called NeNe “Naughty NeNe, the Southern siren.” He added that the Rumba was “difficult for a non-dancer” but added that she had to work more on “the basics.”

Carrie Ann admitted to them that she had “been giving you a hard time.” She said that the dance showed her “passion” and that the had done a “beautiful job.”

Len said that “you did a great job,” and added “I enjoyed watching it.”

Carrie Ann, Robin, and Bruno gave the pair 8s, while Len gave them a 7, for a total of 31/40 points.

The third couple to dance on Dancing With the Stars was Cody Simpson and pro dancer Witney Carson. They performed a Jazz dance to the song “Surfboard” by — of all people — Cody Simpson, himself! The song reminded Cody of 2010, when he and his family moved to America to help further his career. He’s dedicating the dance to his family.

Bruno called the dance “Jazz for now,” and said that it was “refreshing,” and “so right now.”

Carrie Ann really loved it, saying it was “ridiculous,” and “so good,” and that she “was eating it up.”

Len told Cody that the dance “was right up your alley,” and told him “Well done!”

Robin added that she loved his style, and told him “you make it your own, beautiful.”

They scored three 9s and one 8 from the judges, for a Grand Total of 35/40 points.

The fourth couple on Dancing With the Stars was Danica McKellar and pro dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy. They danced a Contemporary dance to the song to Billy Joel’s song “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel).” Danica’s most memorable year was 2010, the year when she gave birth to her son, Draco.

Carrie Ann called the dance “sincere and delicate,” adding that she “told the most beautiful story.”

Len said that the “movement was so fluid.” He added that it “was beautiful, well done.”

Robin called Danica “a wonder and a sheer delight.”

Bruno agreed, saying that the performance “was enchanting” and “spell-binding.”

The four judges gave them straight 9s, for a Grand Total of 36/40 points.

Next up was fan favorite, Drew Carey, with his pro dance partner, Cheryl Burke. They performed the Waltz to “Fade into You” by Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen. Drew said that his most memorable year was 2005, when his son was born. He’s dedicating the song and dance to him.

They did actually a pretty good job, but the judges’ scores weren’t very high. Unless another pair gets a lower score, Drew might be in danger of being eliminated next week.

While Len called it a “charming dance,” he also said that “it got a bit muddled for awhile.”

Robin said that Drew’s dancing blew her away, and Bruno said that he appreciated “the work you put into it.”

Carrie Ann said that she could “tell how much this dance meant to you,” but added that knowing that worked to his “disadvantage because I felt your stress.” She’d like to see him bring back his “more relaxed vibe.”

Carrie Ann and Len gave them 7s, while Robin and Bruno gave them 8s, for a Grand Total of 30/40 points.

Meryl Davis and pro dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy were next, dancing the Foxtrot. Meryl didn’t mention any specific most memorable year — instead, she dedicated the song and dance to all the people who helped her get to the podium. She called the 17 years she’s been skating a “journey.” The song she chose is “All of Me” by John Legend.

Their dance was SPECTACULAR, perhaps the best one on Dancing With the Stars so far tonight! The judges recognized how well they performed with their comments and scores.

Robin began the comments, saying that her dancing was like “gliding it was beautiful to watch.”

Bruno called their performance “irresistibly romantic,” and added “what you put into this week in week 3 is incredible.”

Carrie Ann said that she “burst into tears, it was just beautiful.” She added that “Maks is inspired by you.”

Len said that “Meryl and Maks” were like M & Ms, “sweet and delicious.”

Carrie Ann, Robin, and Bruno gave the pair scores of 10s, while Len gave them a 9, for a Grand Total of 39/40, the high score of the night on Dancing With the Stars so far.

Another fan favorite, Amy Purdy, danced next with her pro dance partner, Derek Hough. They danced a Contemporary dance to “Human” by Christina Perri. Amy says that she’s dedicating the song and dance to her father, who “gave her life twice.” The first time was when she was born, and the second time was when he gave her a kidney so that she could survive.

Bruno told her the performance “was inspirational,” addidng that “I love you for what you do.”

Carrie Ann said that Amy reminded all of the “what it is to be human.”

Len said that the performance “touched my brain with the level of difficulty,” adding that “it was beautiful.”

Robin told Amy “You are letting people know they can begin again anew.”

The judges gave them the excellent scores they deserved, of straight 9s, for a Grand Total of 36/40 points.

Olympic ice dancer, Charlie White, yet another fan fave,, and his pro dance partner, Sharna Burgess, danced the Jive to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. He’s dedicating the song and dance to his Mom, Dad, and girlfriend.

Charlie and Sharna also gave an INCREDIBLE performance, and the judges had nice comments and great scores to give them.

Carrie Ann told Charlie that she “loved how you worked the room.” She said that they were “perfectly in sync.”

Len did a bit of rhyming, saying “You were steaming, I was beaming.  It was happy hour!”

Robin called their dance a “celebration,” and said “well done.”

Bruno called it “delightful” and “incredible.”

Like with Amy and Derek, the judges gave Charlie and Sharna straight 9s, for a Grand Total of 36/40 points.

The final dancers of the evening on Dancing With the Stars were another fan fave, Candace Cameron Bure, and pro dancer Mark Ballas. They performed the Jive to the Elvis Presley standard, “Blue Suede Shoes.” Candace related that her most memorable year was when Full House ended and when she became engaged.

Len said that he “loved the energy,” and also that “it was a proper ballroom Jive.”

Robin said that after a strong first week, but not as strong second one, tonight they were “wonderful.”

Bruno told Candace that she reminded him of Ann Margaret, and “I love to see that side of you.”

Carrie Ann said she agree with what everyone else had said, and said “I cannot believe that you are not a dancer.”

The judges gave them straight 8s, for a Grand Total of 32/40 points.

That marked the end of Dancing With the Stars. There were some of the season’s best dance performances so far on tonight’s episode.

Meryl and Maks earned the highest scores of the evening on Dancing With the Stars, and their performance might turn out to be the best of the entire season, when all’s said and done. The performers’ dances which earned scores of 36/40, like Amy and Derek, and Charlie White and Sharna, were also highlights of this episode of Dancing With the Stars. Who will be eliminated next week? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Janet Flynn   April 2, 2014 at 10:08 am

    This week of dancing with the stars was the best yet with so many memories shared and special dances. They all deserve a star in their crown.

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