Cronut Follow-up: Milk and Cookie Shots Craze

milk and cookie shots

Although the cronut craze is still strong, chef Dominique Ansel created the perfect follow-up for a heavenly desert meant to bring back the “after school special” with the help of milk and cookie shots. The new creation went on sale Friday, March 14, but it took a few days before disbelievers convinced themselves that this new desert is a stand-alone success and has nothing to do with its predecessor, the cronut. The cookies are baked on a daily basis and, for now, each person is allowed to purchase maximum two shots.

Dominique Ansel’s new dessert tickled the New Yorkers’ taste buds for the first time on March 14 and, from then on, the milk and cookie shots were known not as the cronut follow-up, but a craze of its own. Endless lines in front of Ansel’s Soho bakery prove that French pastry chefs can create a perfect chocolate cookie that satisfies the Americans’ craze for gourmet treats which can be enjoyed even during the weekends. Ansel stated that he was not hunting another “big thing” when he invented the milk and cookie shots and that his sole purpose is to create.

The Recipe for Success

Dominique Ansel, the creator of the famous cronut may have accepted a challenge when people told him that “French chefs can’t make good cookies,” because what he created became yet another craze, a perfect follow-up for the pastry which was believed it cannot be topped.

The warm chocolate cookie portion shaped into shot glass is flattered by the cold milk, which also received a touch of gourmet before turning into milk and cookie shots that create lines and dependence for those who give it a try. Although it is meant to serve as a glass, the combination between the soft interior and crunch exterior transforms this desert into a real treat which satisfies the demands of those who have a sweet tooth, especially since the melted chocolate flakes are anything but scarce.

The warm cookie is complemented by the cold milk brought from Swede Farm, which is subtly infused with a touch of sugar and vanilla, but those who do not like their milk cold, it can also be served warm. For those who believe that the milk and cookie shots need an additional shot of milk after eating the cookie, they will receive a complimentary small portion.

The Proper Way to Eat It

After the cronut follow-up, namely the milk and cookie shot became a stand-alone craze, people started wondering about the proper way to eat this desert; since the treat is meant to be consumed when it is still warm, it is better to take a sip of milk and then start eating from the cookie shot and repeat the action until the milk level is so low, that it soaks into the chocolate dessert.

After the cronut came the Frozen S’more and the Magic Souffle, but none of the gourmet treats enjoyed success as much as the croissant-doughnut pastry until the milk and cookie shots distanced themselves from a possible follow-up and turned into a craze. The original desert costs $3 and a take-away eight-pack retails for $25.

By Gabriela Motroc


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