Wayne Knight the Latest Victim of Death Hoax

Wayne KnightIt happens every year, and Wayne Knight is the latest victim of the internet death hoax. Rumors spread on Saturday night that he had died, but he took to Twitter on Sunday to make it clear that it was not true.

The death hoaxes are getting more and more malicious and twisted. The lasted involved a tractor-trailer accident that took the life of the Seinfeld actor. It is unknown just how the news started to spread, but it seems to have originated to a site that is very similar to TMZ, which reports celebrity news around the clock. The same hoax site has rumors about other celebrities, including one that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are expecting twins.

So far, none of the rumors on the site have been confirmed. Most of them have been ignored. The main reason for Knight to acknowledge his rumored death was because his name started trending on Twitter. He took to his account to make a joke asking if people only trend on the site because they die. He then stated that he was “alive and well,” which most people will be happy to hear. He did acknowledge that some people will be “strangely disappointed” by the news.

The actor is well-known for his portrayal of Newman on the hit comedy show Seinfeld. Knight was just one of the latest victims of the death hoax. Another one was Family Ties child actor Brian Bosnall.

Bosnall was reportedly found dead in his hotel room after overdosing on drugs. The actor took to Twitter on Sunday to let everyone know that it was a malicious rumor and then laughed the whole situation off. He stated that he was enjoying a cup of coffee in his home, despite apparently not being alive.

The rumors continue to happen. This is not the first and will likely not be the last that websites make a quick buck from the claims. Over the last few years, Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson has often found himself as the victim of one of the death hoax. It has happened so much that people may not believe the truth when he does eventually breathe his last breath, whenever that may be.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was also a victim of an internet hoax shortly before his actual death. It led to publications tentatively reporting about his death until they knew the truth. Guardian Liberty Voice made it clear that Hoffman had been a victim of a hoax a month before his real death due to a heroin overdose.

The reasons for starting the hoaxes are unclear. The main reason is likely to make a quick buck, but that only lasts a short period of time. Eventually readers will become wise at the tactics and start looking at the reputable sources. Another reason could be that the owners of the sites do not like the stars for some reason.

Whatever the reason, Seinfeld fans do not need to worry. Knight was just another victim of an internet death hoax, and is really “alive and well.”

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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