Deceased Michigan Woman Discovered in Mummified State

Deceased Michigan Woman Discovered in Mummified State

A deceased Michigan woman was discovered on Wednesday and she was found in a mummified state. Her body was discovered inside an automobile that had been parked in the garage of a house that had slipped into foreclosure. It is located just to the north of Detroit.

The sheriff’s office located in Oakland County released a public statement that said one of the employees who worked for a property management corporation happened to come across the dead body located in the back seat of a Jeep while the individual was doing a walk-through of the house.

After looking in the back seat of Jeep Liberty parked inside the garage, the contractor found something that no one would expect to see outside of the pyramids located in Egypt. He found the female’s body in what was considered a mummified state. This all happened in the small city of Pontiac, Michigan.

There was an autopsy done on the woman’s body on Thursday morning but reports from there say there was no signs of trauma to any part of the body. Therefore, a reason for her demise has yet to be discovered. However, it is being reported by the sheriff’s department in Oakland County is investigating the conditions which surround the mystery woman’s death.

The body is thought to belong to a German immigrant, age 49, whose only last known address was the one to the home where she was found. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard explained that they were not releasing her name because frankly they did not know what it was. Bouchard added that it appeared that the dead female had been in the garage since around 2008 or so. Her body had completely mummified itself and it was also frozen.

The woman’s neighbors spoke to police detectives and said that they had not seen the woman whom they believed to reside inside the home in years, so far back they could not recall. Some others explained that they thought she had up and moved away nearly four years ago. Everyone repeated the statement that the woman was one to keep to herself.

It was also reported that the house was covered in a large volume of a substance which was thought to have been toxic black mold, declared the police. They also added that the house was in such terrible shape, it was considered to be in a HAZMAT condition of decay. To be considered a HAZMAT danger, this means that a substance or material is posing danger to life, property and/or the actual environment itself if things are found to be wrongly stored or touched.

The police stated that there was a license plate on the Jeep and that it had expired back in 2008. They added that it was quite possible that was possibly the last time she had even been alive.

Besides the poisonous black mold, the heat to the house was not in working order and that was due to the electricity being turned off some time ago along. The neighbors also stated they believed she had immigrated to Michigan from Germany. She was also said to have been a person who stayed to herself. It was stated that she was gone for weeks at a time due to her job. After not being seen for at least six years, the majority of the neighborhood reported that they had believed she had moved away and no longer was a resident of that particular house.

The deceased woman was discovered on Wednesday, discovered in a mummified state. Her body was found inside an automobile that had been parked in the garage of a house that had slipped into foreclosure.

By Kimberly Ruble


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