E-cigarette Bars May Be Next Big Fad

E-cigarette Bars E-cigarette lounges, sometimes referred to as E-cigarette lounges, sometimes referred to as “juice bars” due to the flavored contents referred to as “juice” are on the rise. The latest fad of people sitting in a lounge, and sampling the newest flavor vapor, may be the next big craze. Cigar bars, long seen as an escape for men from their ladies where they can join a bunch of other dudes in puffing up Macanudos, may have met their match, or preferably, have a new fad product line to offer.

For those who have been living under a rock, e-cigarettes are the electronic substitute for cigarettes. A consumer can either buy a single e-cigarette for about 10 dollars, or a “kit” which includes a battery charger and a quantity of electronic cigarettes. The kits cost 50 dollars and up. E-cigarettes were first developed in China in 2005, and have taken the world by storm since then. “Vaping,” the term for puffing on an electronic cigarette, is the latest craze among smokers. Manufacturers of the product include tobacco companies such as Lorillard and RJ Reynods, who market the product as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. They also include a myriad of flavors and quantities of juice. Typically people purchase their products from online distributors or specialty retailers.

However, as vaping gains popularity and becomes a culturally accepted vice, e-cigarette juice bars are bound to start popping up. E-cigarette bars such as Quantum Vapor of Rockaway, NJ., continue popping up around the country. Quantum Vapor recently expanded from purely a home based distribution business, to opening its own store front vapor lounge. The business owners report a regular monthly revenue increase of 27 percent. As vaping continues to catch up with cigar smoking as the most popular “smoking fad,” juice bars may be the next big thing.

Los Angeles recently joined New York City and Chicago as one of the cities to ban indoor vaping. While the medical community has yet to make an official statement about the safety or dangers of vaping, it has voiced concerns. Due to this proactive caution, governments around the country have banned the practice in certain indoor locations; enter the vapor lounge.

By offering a location legally allocated for smoking and vaping, the a juice bar owner can offer patrons the opportunity to drop in and enjoy their favorite flavor e-cigarette. Flavors include cherry, banana split, and coffee. Employees of Buckeye Vapors in Grove City, OH. Offers their customers services similar to a bartender or coffee-house barista. If the store doesn’t have a flavor in stock, the staff can improvise by mixing products in stock.

The e-cigarette fad has been in the news a lot in recent years. It has recently received much attention from the medical community, but are currently considered less a risk to health than actual tobacco products. In spite of the fact that e-cigarettes may be less of a hazard, they are increasingly being banned in many of the same places, such as pubs and theaters. While such bans may inconvenience the ability to vape, the lounges fill a niche market, much like cigar lounges. As the overall bans continue, and vaping continues to rise in popularity, vapor bars could be the next big thing in number and profitability.

By Ian Erickson

The Daily Record
France 24
WBNS-10TV, Columbus

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