Ellen DeGeneres Selfie by iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5?


The Selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres is the buzz word and people are wondering whether it was taken by iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S5. After she posted the picture in her twitter account, it became instantly viral. As per the various reports, the host took out the Samsung Galaxy S model several times on the stage. CBS News reported, that the host posted the selfie via her iPhone, which is really interesting, don’t you think?

Although Samsung has indomitable competition from Apple’s iPhone to become the best-selling Smartphone among celebrities, DeGeneres or maybe her Twitter account tweeted, that she was using an iPhone in backstage.
Undoubtedly, these details started appearing over the social media in no time. Many a reputed web portal pointed out that this was a marketing stunt, carried out consciously to gain publicity. Nevertheless, whatever be the actual reason, the gadget with which the selfie was taken is the latest word of mouth.

The Oscar host never stated Samsung, a key Academy Awards sponsor, but gave actor Bradley Cooper the organization’s Galaxy Note 3 for the star studded shot that had Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto. The super selfie holds the record as the most impressive tweet ever, making the photograph worth each dollar Samsung gave for the funding, said chief executive of the Sausalito Group strategic marketing company, Peter Sealey.

Technology website Gizmodo stated that DeGeneres is an iPhone admirer, and has her own application on Apple’s App Collection. Nevertheless, Degeneres’ social media repository isn’t limited to 1 brand. Numerous tweets on the Oscar hosts’ account are forwarded by Adobe Social. Even though it seems to be slackening down while the truth is that the splendid selfie currently stands for almost 2.7 million re-tweets and the website has been liked for 1.4 million times. With all the facts and figures pouring in, gadget used by Ellen DeGeneres – iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, has become the most viral phrase, it seems.

The super selfie was such a viral success that it vanquished the earlier record set by President Obama’s tweet after his re-election in 2012. It momentarily knocked Twitter’s service offline, as followers re-tweeted it more than 700,000 times in the first 30 minutes alone.

Degeneres said “We crashed and broke Twitter. We made history”. She continued saying, “It’s fantastic. See what we did, Meryl?” It seemed that she was really happy the way things have progressed. Why should not she be happy, especially when it was a nice selfie which broke all the records over Twitter?

The Academy Awards contracted Samsung as a Sponsor and it is ranked as one of the biggest benefactors of the Oscars 2014. Samsung stated on Monday that the selfie was not a publicity stunt and that it would contribute $3 million dollars to 2 charities chosen by DeGeneres to thank her. It also began showing an advertisement on Twitter: “#TheNextBigThing. Record-breaking selfie taken on!”

The Korean electronics manufacturer used the Oscars to present its “One Samsung” drive that supported a range of products including the Galaxy S5 phone, Galaxy Note Pro Tablet an arched ultra-high-definition television and gear two smart watch. With all the information at hand, it can be fairly concluded that Ellen DeGeneres clicked the selfie with a Samsung Galaxy S5, and uploaded it by iPhone.

By Sunando Basu

CBS News

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