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When people hear “Emma Watson” the first image to come to mind is the little frizzy-haired know-it-all from the famed Harry Potter franchise. Then we remember her transformation from frizz to smooth, from short to tall and from a little girl to a young lady. But is that all that hides behind the veil? What about Emma Watson uncovered?

Watson has been the center of chatter now that her new film, Noah, is opening on Friday, March 28th. She has drawn more public discussion than the rest of her co-stars actually (not bad, considering those are Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connely). The upcoming epic has had Watson answering questions regarding faith, religion and other areas of her life which may come as a surprise.

In recent interviews Watson claims to be more spiritual rather than religious. Since Noah has been under religious criticism this has been rather helpful to her. In fact, when asked about the script adaptation of the movie, Watson has brought up a good point saying that in the original Biblical text, Noah does not speak until very late in the story which means the audience would have been in for a silent movie. Additionally, the women in the narrative really do not have a role and that had to be changed for today’s audience and the sake of the film.

Though the actress is now out and about promoting the new film, Watson uncovers that she took weeks off after the shoot to compose herself. The filming was physically and emotionally tough on her but also gave her a new point of view. Watson shares that the film has brought into the forefront of her mind that our world must be protected. “We were entrusted with this beautiful planet” she says “we need to take care of it.” It would come as no surprise then to see her more actively involved in environmental projects.

As it turns out, Watson has been having difficulties proving herself “mature” to most directors due to her modesty and abstinence from on and off-screen loud sexuality. In a world where girls younger than she are walking around half-naked, Watson has kept her composure and grace which, sadly, add to her liabilities rather than assets. Watson reports that she has been offered one-dimensional, often shallow roles because of this. However, true to form, the starlet shares that real women, and their roles, are neither one of these qualities and do not rely merely on sex and exposure to portray a strong character.

This brought to light another point which is so blatant in today’s media: the transition from child actress to adult actress. Just that sentence is enough to be cringe-worthy when we look back on all the promising young talents which have become more than just bad role models. Watson admits that there were and still are temptations in her field but she has been ultimately grateful to be surrounded by people who love her and have “held her hand” during her career. This includes family, friends and managers who are constantly looking out for her.

Watson is also due to graduate later this year from Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Though it would seem a tough idea to go from Hollywood to Brown, Watson shares that it was a very pleasant change. Since she did not get to experience a “normal” childhood and her school days were hectic, the Brown staff and students made it their mission to assist her in having a normal experience as possible. “They were very protective of me” she says.

From Harry Potter to Noah to (possibly) The Little Mermaid, Watson has made a name for herself on the silver screen. Her grace, beauty, intelligence and down-to-earth qualities make her a wonderful role model for today’s aspiring youths who all hope to see more of Emma Watson uncover her talents, thoughts and ideas.

Opinion by Atar Kishon


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2 Responses to "Emma Watson Uncovered"

  1. Madison Clouse   March 29, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    I have idolized Emma Watson since I saw the Perks of being a Wallflower. She is so cool. I just saw her in Noah and she was amazing. People shouldn’t judge her for not wanting to go all Miley Cyrus. Finally a celebrity who is modest and honest. Meeting her would be the best thing in the world. Keep it up Emma and don’t let any one bring you down for being yourself! You’re awesome!!!

    • Atar Kishon   March 29, 2014 at 8:42 pm

      Totally agreed Madison. Emma has a wealth of talent and smarts. I hope we get to see her in many, many more projects in the future. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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