President Obama’s Approval Rating Continues to Nosedive

obamaPresident Obama’s charismatic wit seems to be losing its charm as his approval rating continues to nosedive, plumbing the depths of public opinion with record-setting lows. A recent poll that was conducted by the Associated Press in conjunction with  GFK Public Affairs & Corporate Communications has the President at an approval rating of 41 percent, meaning that 59 percent of American citizens are not too happy with the Commander-in-Chief. Much of the woes Obama faces with his reputation among the public stem from what many deem to be a lackluster performance in the areas of foreign policy and economics.

The poll discovered that 59 percent of the individuals who participated in the survey said they felt the White House was doing a terrible job handling the country’s economic affairs, while 63 percent expressed displeasure with how Obama was handling the budget. These results come just weeks after a previous poll conducted by news outlets also demonstrated a significant drop in the President’s approval, although this latest one from the AP has the lowest numbers on record. This is clear evidence that you can have a winning personality and rock star status, and still not have the skills or abilities to govern a nation. True government, it seems, is about more than politics.

One of the leading issues at the root of President Obama’s approval rating taking a nosedive is how he has handled the recent crisis in Ukraine and the secession of Crimea. The disapproval by individuals on both sides takes different forms, based on a particular individual or group’s ideology. A lot of folks feel that Obama has not taken strong enough actions against Russia, making him, and as a result, the country, look weak on the world stage. Others criticize the president for getting too involved in the situation, so it seems like no matter which direction he chose, it was going to be bad news. If he were to be looking for the Constitutional answer to this complex issue, he would have taken a non-interventionist stance and kept America’s nose out of Russia’s business.

Those who are displeased with Obama over what appears to be mismanagement of the budget are only half right. The president’s political policies are extremely flawed, as they favor a welfare state with loads of government bureaucracy, interference and regulation of private businesses, higher taxes (someone has to pay for all of the “free” stuff being given away), and the list goes on. Obviously these policies put America on a path that is unsustainable, but it is not the President alone who should be held responsible. Members of Congress from both parties supported a lot of the legislation that deals with these economic issues, and they are just as much to blame for the mess being made as Obama. This is why it is imperative that liberty-minded folks get educated about the candidates up for reelection this year and vote out the ones in favor of increased spending and big government intrusion.

The pulse of the country is quickening, as more and more people have their eyes opened to the reality that government is the problem, not the solution. Out of all the respondents to the poll, only 18 percent identified themselves as adhering to liberal ideology, while 38 percent claimed to hold to conservative principles. The tides are shifting, and President Obama’s approval ratings, taking a nosedive lower than ever before, are a strong indication of this fact.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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