FaceTime App Used by Toddler to Save His Mom (Video)

FaceTimeFaceTime is not usually considered a life-saving App, but in one case, that is exactly what it was. A toddler boy used his technical skills to make a FaceTime call that saved his mom after she was attacked by a dog. The family lives in Tuscan, Az. and recently had a scare when the mother, Laura Toone, took her dogs for a walk. A dog that she was fostered turned on her own dog and launched an attack. In an effort to stop the dog fight and save her own dog, Toone stepped in to try to break up the dogs. Meanwhile, she got caught up in the fight and the fostered dog bit her, nearly biting off her entire finger.

Toone was bleeding profusely from her hand and was ready to pass out. She pleaded with her 4-year old girls to use her phone to call 911, which she was unable to do at that point, but the girls were scared. It did not help that the phone was covered in her blood. The kids panicked, as many would in this situation.

Not Bentley though. Toone’s 2-year-old son came through in her time of need. Not only did he get a dish towel from the kitchen and start to wipe up the blood himself, but he used her iPhone to make a FaceTime call. While the boy did not know how to dial 911, he was familiar with the FaceTime App and was used to calling his mom’s friends with it. So much so that they would ignore his calls after a while, because they were too frequent.

This time when Bentley made the FaceTime call, it was to Connie Guerrero, who luckily had a feeling she should answer it rather than ignore it this time. Had she ignored the call because he was a nuisance, there is no telling what the outcome would have been. When she answered the call, she could only see the boy’s forehead and it was just quiet at first, then she was able to hear Toone’s screams come through, loud and clear. She was the one who placed the 911 call, getting help for her hurt friend, but Bentley continued to help by unlocking the door to let the firefighters in the house when they got to the scene.

While many parents fight over the amount of screen time their children get and some believe that kids should not be using technology until they are older, knowing how to use the iPhone and the FaceTime App is what helped Bentley become a hero in this case. His familiarity with the application gave him the ability to help his mom, even without having the ability to explain the situation or what had happened.

Though Toone is proud of her son for stepping up to the plate and coming to her rescue, doing things most toddler would not be able to do, she took the opportunity as a learning experience and taught her children how to call 911. Should they ever have an emergency situation, they will be better prepared.

By Tracy Rose


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  1. it'sme   March 15, 2014 at 10:39 am

    It’s TUCSON not Tuscan. Geez who checks this stuff?!


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