Christianity Under Attack

christianityIt says in Matthew to beware of false prophets that do not teach the truth, that they will come only teaching partial truth to attack everyone. Every day, it seems there is yet another instance of evil deeds done in the name of the Christian church. The news and the Internet is chockful of reports in which pastors, priests, elders, church members and many others affiliated with the Christian church have wrought heinous acts–all in the name of Jesus Christ. For the world looking on, this is horrifying to say the least. This is evidence of false prophets attacking the church and its innocents.

Christianity has faced its share of controversy and largely, Christians are labeled as hypocrites. This is due to a substantial group of people who claim to be Christians in order to infiltrate the church and wreak havoc. Christianity is the single most counterfeited religion in the history of the world; this is largely due to the infiltration of false prophets.

Many rise in the name of Christ and go forth to wreak destruction. For Christians, this is not surprising. The Bible is very clear that not every person who claims to be a Christian is. The Bible tells everyone in Matthew that many people will ask, Have I not told others about you, rebuked demons, and done many marvelous things all in Jesus’ name? Jesus would then say, Go away, I never knew you.

In order to determine who these people are that the Scriptures are referring to, one must first understand what is meant by the term “lawlessness.” Anything that is lawful is something that is done in accordance with the law. Anything lawless is done in direct rebellion against the law. When the Bible refers to “the law,” it is referring to The Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments were set forth by God, written in stone from his own hand, proving that the precepts held within them were of great importance.

Respect for God and his desires requires one’s desire to live and act in ways that would cause one to exist in harmony with his law. These are not mandates set forth by an arbitrary, power- hungry God as he has often been perceived. In fact, his law is a loving structure to protect humans from hurting one another and to help them exist in harmony with God and one another.

The Christian Bible forewarns believers that Christ and his church have a foe, referred to as Satan. He rallies as many as will listen (often in the form of false prophets) to create deception and havoc so that the true name of Christianity is so muddled that many are unable to see it. The Bible refers to Satan as “the author of confusion.” Regardless of the destruction he toils to create, the Bible states in James that if one believes in the Trinity, then one is doing well, and that demons believe and they shudder.

In modern day, many believe that none of this exists so they fail to see the evidence of a real and present war taking place against the true followers of Jesus Christ. One’s refusal to believe in something does not make it any less real. Man could try to boycott the moon, but that would not make it cease to exist. In fact, it would continue on as it did before, whether or not mankind chooses to look up and see it.

In the case of the recent scandal of Pastor Larry Durant, the South Carolina pastor arrested once again on sexual assault charges, he is one of many bad apples spoiling the lot. The Bible does not promise that many people will follow. In fact, it forewarns that many will turn their backs. This means that the actual number of true Christian believers is shrinking all the time. This is not because there is no truth in Christianity; it is because there is an enemy who knows the truth and maliciously deceives. This is why true Christians know that their church and its members are under attack.

Opinion by J.A. Johnson


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2 Responses to "Christianity Under Attack"

  1. Pyotr Zumwalt   March 20, 2014 at 11:21 am

    It is the same old story, Juzepp. I don’t understand you, so you are not a real Christian. It’s not a question of having “faith” in Satan. All you have to do to serve Satan is have a weak mind and spirit that lusts for dominion over others.

  2. Juzepp   March 19, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    Christianity is not under the mercy of Satan regardless of how bad, malicious and deceiving Satan is. The very fact that God by His longsuffering allow us still for a little while longer plenty grand opportunities to overcome is a blessing. And another things, after reading your blog, I’m not convinced at all that you/yourself are a Christian. Not one thing you say shows me any evidence of it. For instance one of your last premises insinuates that because there is a Satanic movement that goes about deceiving people, that true Christians are diminishing, and that’s not true at all. Truth is: People are Satanic because they love Satan (have Faith in Satan). True Christians know that to become a Christian one has to have a love for Love (a love for Jesus Christ). No one who has a love for Love will be left unclaimed/embraced by Jesus Christ. My advice to you: Keep your eye on Faith. Everyone has either Faith in Satan because they love Satan. Or Faith in Jesus Christ because they love Jesus Christ. Thanks and good day.


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