Flappy Bird Will Come Back to App Store, but Not Soon, Says Creator

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Many may remember committed users of the viral app Flappy Bird lamenting their sorrows at the apparent death of the strangely addictive game back early February, when its creator, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen abruptly pulled the popular app from the app store, claiming that it was too addictive. This came as an act of sheer aggressiveness to Flappy Bird players, who, since around January, when the app had taken off, had become attached flying their little pixelated Flappy Birds around the obstacles of the game. One incredibly devoted former Flappy Bird player even went so far as to start a White House petition for President Obama to help bring the game back. However, it seems that all of this uproar may have been in vain, and that Flappy Bird players far and wide can now rejoice. When the app creator was asked via Twitter on Wednesday if he was going to put Flappy Bird back into the App Store, Nguyen said that Flappy Bird will indeed come back, but not soon.

Nguyen, who has a Twitter following of 170,000, was also asked on Wednesday by a fan via Twitter on what date he would release Flappy Bird again. He responded that he does not have a plan for his work on it, and that he will release it when it is done. In addition, many are speculating that he is holding off the re-release of Flappy Bird for publicity. However, Nguyen has hinted that he has other games besides Flappy Bird, and he likely wants to give them a turn before his re-release of the Flappy Bird game, which is why the creator says that Flappy Bird will come back to the app store, but not soon.

One interesting thing about Flappy Bird: If a person downloaded the app on his or her iPhone while it was still in the app store, he or she will still have the app now, even if it was previously deleted from that phone. All that needs to be done is for the person to go to the app store, view purchases, click download, and the app is ready to play once again. So for some people, the original Flappy Bird may not be entirely lost, which may or may not be a bad thing, depending.

Flappy Bird was released into the app store in May of 2013, but did not receive great attention until January, when it at one point became the most downloaded app. At a certain point, Nguyen alleged that he was making 50,000 off of the app per day in in-app ads, but the game became too addictive, said the creator. He subsequently pulled the app on the grounds that people were getting angry and playing it for extended periods of time. Some speculations about Nguyen’s improvements to Flappy Bird before it will come back to the app store have included him putting a timer on the game or a reminder for players stop playing. Another includes him making the game a little easier. Flappy Bird was known for being incredibly difficult and frustrating, despite its vastly simple concept and layout. Despite Nguyen reporting that he will not release the app back into the App Store anytime soon, at least users of the game can now look forward to the return of their little pixelated friend, Flappy Bird – and all that he entails.

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2 Responses to "Flappy Bird Will Come Back to App Store, but Not Soon, Says Creator"

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  2. noor hamdallah   March 25, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    I think that it is really dumb how it got taken off the app store because people were “addicted” to it, if people want to play the game for hours, then let them be. All I know now, is that people don’t really like the game that much anymore, people are deleting it off their devices. I know people that hack things to get the game, but delete them the next day or so. The thing is, I hate how someone is saying “oh, we took it off the app store, because people get too addicted to it, and people say its hard.” You know what? WHO CARES? People should be able to playa game that is challenging, and if they don’t want to play a game like that, they don’t need to. They are not the only people in this world. All I’m saying, is that whoever is saying that they took it off because people are too addicted, or its too hard for some people are dumb, and they need to worry about themselves and not other people, it just makes me so mad, and it irritates me. So to sum it up, WORRY ABOUT YOURSELVES!!!


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