Twitter Turns Eight and Shares the First Tweets

TwitterTwitter has turned eight-years-old today and is sharing users’ first ever tweets. The move screams a copy of Facebook, which turned 10-years-old just last month. Users on the older social networking site started sharing their first every profile picture, which was much easier than searching for their first ever status.

Unlike Facebook, the 140-character networking platform is helping users to find their first tweet. It has created a search tool, so all users have to do is type in their username. For those who are nostalgic in nature, it is a great way to remember that first message sent across the streams.

Most users will find that their first tweet was a way to announce the fact that they have joined the social networking website. Many will even have messages along the lines of not really knowing what they are doing or why they have bothered.

The good news for those who want to find out the first tweets of the people they are following is that they can use the tool for that. It is possible to post anybody’s username into the tool just to see the one that pops up. It is much quicker and easier than hoping Google will bring up a result or scrolling through possibly thousands worth of 140-character messages.

The sharing of first tweets, with the hashtag #FirstTweets is all just to celebrate Twitter turning eight-years-old. It has come a long way in that time too.

Originally, the site was for people to share their thoughts and updates. It has now become one of the most popular methods of internet marketing for businesses. Thousands of companies are now setting up accounts on the social networking website, and are hiring community managers as a way to keep customers and clients updated.

The site makes it extremely easy for users to share updates. In fact, some of Facebook’s changes have been modelled on the success of Twitter’s sharing capabilities. Retweeting is the way people share the updates on their own feeds, which allows to keep the original username in the tweet so the user is aware of the share. The most retweeted update was from President Barak Obama, who simply tweeted “four more years” after being re-elected as president in 2012. According to the social media giant it was retweeted over 810,000 times. The second closest is one from Justin Bieber simply stating “RIP Avalanna. I love you.”

Since Twitter’s birth in 2006, many celebrities have come and gone. Individual users have had to close their accounts down too because of the types of messages that they have received. The decision to post certain information on the site has also led to various court cases, with the first libel case, which involved Courtney Love, coming to an end in January 2014.

People do not just use the site to share their updates. They use it to chat between themselves and for role-playing games. However, all of this was only possible because of Twitter setting up eight years ago, and it is now celebrating its birthday by sharing the first tweets of its users.

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