Fleetwood Mac Is Reuniting Including Christine McVie!

Fleetwood Mac

OMG Fleetwood Mac is reuniting and not just Stevie, Mick, John and Lindsey! This version of modern Fleeting Mac is going to be including Christine McVie!!! It’s actually difficult to write about this reunion while hyperventilating with excitement, but it’s as thrilling as having John Lennon and George Harrison come back from the beyond the grave for a Beatles reunion tour! Warning: this story is going to be punctuated with a lot of exclamation marks but it simply cannot be helped.

Fleetwood Mac, the best band in the whole entire world, has somehow convinced the super talented Christine McVie to join the group once again after having been absent from the stage with the rest of the gang for 16 years! The tour will be called On With the Show and will feature all five of the gorgeous superstars.

Previously, McVie had said she was retired and that she just wanted to live out a simple life near London spending time with her grandchildren. YAWN! Forget that plan! McVie says she wanted to be a “country lady” living a quiet life but soon became “isolated” and disillusioned with the idealized charm she’d once envisioned a life out of the limelight to entail. The country’s loss is our gain! She will be gracing the stage with her smooth-as-silk, one-of-a-kind voice as part of a 33 city tour. For those who have never gotten to see the entire group sing live before, tickets will be on sale at 10:00 a.m. March 31 for people who have an American Express card. Might be time to sign up, huh? For the rest of the sorry sods who don’t have the AE card, tickets will be on sale (if there are any left!) Monday April 7.

The fact that Fleetwood Mac is reuniting, including Christine McVie, has left fans stunned with breathless excitement. The news has been flying around Facebook with friends asking each other “have you heard about this yet?!” American Express may find an influx of sign-ups so people are able to get the advanced tickets. Shows will most likely sell out pretty quickly.

The band’s popularity has waxed and waned over the years from its height of fame in the 1970s, but devoted fans still number in the millions and Fleetwood Mac songs have enjoyed tremendous longevity and airtime play on the radio. Although the band members are now in their mid-sixties and above (Christine McVie is 70), they all look incredibly healthy and gorgeous. John McVie is currently undergoing cancer treatment but is doing well and is planning on attending all shows.

While the band members are now senior citizens and have put their heavy drinking, drugging and drama days long behind them, their history together is so long, deep and complex that some fans can’t help but wonder if any new love interests, affairs or breakups will happen during this tour. All eyes will be on the never-invisible sexual tension between Stevie and Lindsey as they sing the song their breakup made famous: Go Your Own Way. Although the two former lovebirds have each moved on to other relationships throughout the years, fans can always sense their history when they sing together.

Fleetwood Mac is reuniting, including Christine McVie! What a delicious, fantastic, exciting and glorious treat for fans in the U.S. who are lucky enough to catch a show during this historic tour.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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