Game of Thrones Builds Anticipation for Season 4 With New Trailers

Game of ThronesAs anticipation for Season 4 keeps growing and the creators of Game of Thrones have released four new trailers to give a behind the scenes look at the making of HBO’s phenomenon of a show. With only one week until the season premiere on April 6th, the producers and HBO’s marketing team seem to be doing everything they can to keep building the hype.

Season 4 brings to the many that have read the books and watched the show, author George R.R. Martin’s third book in the the epic series, A Storm of Swords. As readers of the book know, and those who have just watched the cable show can guess, fights will be fought, magic will be cast, dragons will fly, and main characters will die. No spoilers will follow as to who, why, and how.

Two weeks ago HBO’s released its last trailer showing actual scenes from the show. The newest videos are all about what is going on behind the scenes and how elements of the show are put together. Not everybody cares about what goes into the making of the show, but for those who delight in peeking behind the camera as much as what happens in front, the four videos are a treat.

Next to producers, directors, costumers, set directors, the stunt coordinators are some of the most valuable members of the Game of Thrones team. Of course, actors have something to do with it as well and a few give a look into the process:

Among other ways, viewers know the main cast members by their look, whether they are royalty or living in the muck, and each character in the series has to be distinct. Also, since the production is vast with plenty of extras from battle fighters to servants, great amounts of costumes must created and fitted, as Costume Designed Michele Clapton explains:

One of the lesser appreciated elements of making a large and multi-year production like Game of Thrones work is consistency in directing. 13 people are listed as having directed at least one episode, and the overriding need for each one is to make the show look roughly the same from week to week. This new trailer highlights a few of them talking about their own anticipation in seeing everything come together in Season 4, and how their joy builds in making Game of  Thrones work:

A wedding in the real world can be elaborate, complicated productions but nothing compared to what has to be done to pull off a royal wedding in the Game of Thrones world. All the moving parts must be put in just the right place to give it all as much authenticity, at least within a fantasy setting, as possible. Like real weddings, food is one of the most important elements, as the crew explains:

Anticipation has been building for Game of Thrones to return for well over a year. Viewers should know by now that George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords runs over 1200 pages and Season 4 will only cover half the book, everyone having to wait another few years for a the conclusion  in Season 5. Excitement is building, and luckily HBO is still releasing a few trailers to keep everyone tied over until next week.


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