‘Game of Thrones’ Season Four: Who Lives Who Dies?

Game of Thrones

(SPOILERS AHEAD) Game of Throne’s season four will air on HBO this coming Sunday, the question on everyone’s mind is who lives and who dies? After three seasons the answer is clear, everyone dies! Well maybe not everyone, otherwise their would be no season five. But with George R.R Martin, author of the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, which is what the HBO series is based on, no character is ever safe. We all learned this early on in Game Of Thrones season one, when Ned Stark played by Sean Bean (the main character mind you) went and lost his head, literally. From then on it was clear, no one is safe and we will always be wondering who lives and who dies on Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones was created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss after the novel series by George R.R Martin, who was also made a producer for the HBO series. Recently HBO signed on the series creators Benioff and Weiss to remain on for two more seasons, since Martin has not yet finished the novels it is still unknown exactly how many seasons the show will run for. The series is HBO’s biggest hit since the Soprano’s, with the viewership growing higher from season to season. It is also one of the highest pirated shows on the internet. The scale of the series is massive, from shooting on location to the incredibly detailed costumes and set designs, and not to mention the movie quality special effects used in each episode. Each episode of the Game of Thrones series is better than the next, the quality in not only the production but also the acting and writing is highly superior than anything on TV at the moment.

So far every season of Game of Thrones has had one large and impactful moment in its ninth episode of each season. So every episode nine since season one of Game of Thrones had us asking who lives and who dies? Season three left us with the biggest shock of the show yet with its blood oozing episode nine, where more of our most beloved characters met their untimely demise. One does not die peacefully of old age in the realm of Game of Thrones.

Season four of Game of Thrones will certainly have us asking who lives and who dies, but also with so many characters now dead, who will be in the show at all? Fans of the novel series are excited to see that Pedro Pascal will be playing the character Oberyn Martell, someone yet known to the TV only fans of the show, but that those who have read the novels claim him to be a rather bad-a** character.

The show will pick up where season three left off, in a rather dire situation. The Stark family is still separated, the Lannisters are winning the war and Khaleesi is rising in power with her three growing Dragons and newly acquired army. The stakes grow high this season as the Wildlings climb over the wall in conflict with Jon Snow and the Nights Watch, and a growing danger to all living in the realm are the White Walkers who go further and further from across the wall. All will be tense during every episode of this season, wondering which of our favorite characters will live or die this season. One thing is for sure, ‘all men must die’, Valar Morghulis.

Opinion by Miguel A. Tamayo




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