Gwyneth Paltrow Gets a Slap in the Face?

Gwyneth Paltrow possibly needs to count her blessings. The famed actress is reported saying the working schedule of a mother with a routine 9 to 5 job has it challenges, but apparently not as challenging as it is for her as a film actress with a family. This sent some working mothers into a frenzy over social media while others understood what Paltrow was possibly struggling to convey. Regardless of whether or not Paltrow was misunderstood by mothers across the country, much of the public believes the rich actress is taking her privilege for granted. With the backlash from the statements the actress made, she is possibly getting a slap in the face with reality.

Paltrow is reported to be worth an estimated $60 million. The beautiful starlet has had a very successful and respected career in Hollywood. Unlike thousands of actresses in Hollywood and New York, Paltrow isn’t calling her agent to remind them that she even exists. Her days of having to audition and pray for a callback to land the role are far gone or never even existed. Born to producer Bruce Paltrow and Tony award-winning actress Blythe Danner, the gift to perform on stage ran through her veins. Paltrow reportedly began theater at the young age of 11. Thousands of entertainers are born with phenomenal talent, but one percent were born into the industry with opportunities waiting for them.

While Paltrow was filming such hits as Great Expectations, Perfect Murder, Shakespeare In Love, and the list continues, struggling actresses were waiting tables trying to make rent and eat a decent a meal. Working Mothers were slaving to cover daycare costs and battling anxiety and guilt, trying to get off work in time to pick their child up from school or get home in time to actually see their little one before their bedtime. The plight of a single mother working a 9 to 5 job takes “motherhood” to another level that many salute and would not want to trade places with. They say money can not bring happiness, but there are millions of working Mothers out there who would love to find this out for themselves. Many living below the ivory tower might believe Gwyneth Paltrow needs to get a reality check with a good slap in the face to remind her to count her blessings…all 60 million of them.

Money isn’t the cure for everything, but working mothers would not hesitate to use it to buy control of their time. As Paltrow is in the position to have a nanny or two assist her with bringing her children to her on the set and making sure her children are properly cared for while she is working, there are millions of mothers challenged every month to keep a roof over their children’s head, provide decent medical care, and keep their babies fed during a down economy.

While there were many working mothers who were reportedly livid by Paltrow’s statement, others found themselves counting their own blessings. There are Mothers who are grateful to have a job period and to be able to see their children everyday, as Paltrow explained her career sometimes require travel where she doesn’t get to see her children everyday. She revealed how she receives judgment when she is late picking her children up from school. It is unknown what the actress has to tend with day-to-day as a mother. In her mind, more money could possibly mean more problems.

There is a saying that one should ever judge another man unless you have walked a mile in his shoes. While Paltrow deals with a few faculty members raising an eyebrow at her for being late to pick up her children, millions of working Mothers would argue they would take her $60 million and few raised eyebrows any day over a routine job designed to keep them just over broke to care for their families. As Paltrow is spending her next Thanksgiving holiday reportedly in the beautiful Hamptons with her family and the Spielbergs, maybe she will give thanks that she is not one of those fortunate working Mothers being forced to report into work. Though Paltrow may not have meant her comment about working Mothers to come off, as many believe, elitist, she might possibly have already received the slap in the face figuratively. And while many working Moms are hoping Gwyneth Paltrow might be sitting in her multi million dollar home contemplating if she would trade places for one year with a routine 9 to 5 mother, many would bet…she wouldn’t.

Opinion by Meleika Gardner

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