Honda Motor Company Announced the Recall of Its Odyssey Minivans

Honda Motor Company

Honda Motor Company announced the recall of its Odyssey minivan. Honda’s popular minivan has a fuel pump cover problem that can deteriorate or crack causing the fuel pump to leak. The recall notice effects 886,815 Odyssey minivans built at the Lincoln, Alabama assembly plant between June 23, 2004, and September 4, 2010.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Odyssey’s fuel pump strainer cover can wear down from high temperatures and exposure to acidic chemicals like those found in fertilizers. In tests conducted by the NHTSA, the six speed automatic transmission V6 engine of the Honda Odyssey minivan had fuel pump leaks resulting in a vehicle fire and the need for the car maker to issue a national recall.

A spokesman for Honda reported no injuries or fires in its Odyssey vehicles manufactured during the recalled time frame. However, the Honda Motor Company announced the recall of its Odyssey minivans as a safety precaution. The problems found by the NHTSA may have resulted from vehicle’s exposure to acidic chemicals used by car washes, chemicals for controlling dust along roadways, or low PH materials used in fertilizing chemicals.

A Honda Motor Company press release reported the cover for the fuel pump did show signs of deterioration and cracking under such exposure. The proper precaution would be to replace the fuel pump rather than risk the potential of further cracks or leaks that could result in a fire. Honda Motors noted that the faulty fuel pumps were manufactured in the U.S. by Japanese supplier called Denso. There was no word if the replacement fuel pumps would come from the same company or a different manufacturer.

Rather than contest the NHTSA findings, Honda has opted to replace the fuel pumps of all the recalled vehicles for no charge. The same press release stated the replacements parts might not be available for all the recalled vehicles until the summer and will implement the replacement program for Odyssey car owners as they become available. Odyssey minivan owners in the recall time frame will be notified next month and given a tentative schedule of when the fuel pump for their vehicles will be available.

Replacing a fuel pump is an involved process. The entire unit will need replacing instead of switching out a part. A diagnostic team will check the fuse and relays related to the fuel pump and follow that up with a check of the electrical connections. The process may also involve draining the fuel tank and removing it along with other parts to access the pump. Once the new pump is installed and the fuel tank restored, the vehicle needs to be test driven.

Honda has issued three recalls concerning the Odyssey in less than a year. Back in November, Honda issued a recall for 344,000 2007 and 2008 models due to a computer malfunction that might cause unexpected and heavy braking. In January, the car maker issued a recall for 318,000 of its 2003 and 2004 Odysseys because of potential air bag deployments could occur without the vehicle being involved in an actual accident. Honda Motor Company announced the recall its Odyssey minivans and will replace the faulty parts for free for 886,815 vehicles.

By Brian T. Yates


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