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The beginning of the new year starts for the Houston Texans just 11 days from now as the free agency period opens up on Tuesday, March 11. Some teams may use this team to fill minor holes in their roster and rely on the NFL Draft to find their future impact players for years to come. The Texans have used their resources in the prospect pool quite handily ever since they joined the NFL, picking up stalwarts on both sides of the both to carry the team through the years. Some of those players include defensive all pros like Mario Williams, Brian Cushing, and their defensive most valuable player of the NFL in 2012, JJ Watt. On offense they found the likes of star wide receiver Andre Johnson and franchise left tackle Duane Brown in the draft, even signed the undrafted, Arian Foster, to the squad which has turned out quite an asset when he is healthy for the Texans. Here at the NFL Draft Daily all 32 NFL teams will be evaluated as the free agency period peers its head in the horizon while also covering the potential picks in prospect pool when May hits.

The number one pick has been the main topic of sorts, with almost every general manager throwing out smoke screens on potential picks, trying to maybe lure a taker for their position in May’s draft. The biggest need for the Texans right now is probably the most scrutinized position in all of football, the quarterback position. Neither Matt Schaub or Case Keenum proved themselves as their horrid seasons continued on last year, leaving a void at the most important position in today’s league. The talent is not as deep as once projected a few months ago when potential prospects announced their decisions to either stay in school or go to the NFL. Some of the top prospects decided to stay in school, dimming some of the hopes in this years QB class. For this draft though, a QB does not sit number one on top of the evaluated projections going into May. The top spot belongs to one of the best NFL Draft Dailyprojected athletes to enter the NFL since the Texans drafted Mario Williams in 2006.

Jadeveon Clowney is an athletic freak of nature. Standing at 6’5″ and 260 pounds, the sack machine ran 4.53 at the NFL combine held last weekend; being equally as fast as some running backs and wide receivers; and also running a whole lost fast then most quarterbacks, whom he will be chasing. Experts and former players alike were awed by his performance,but a few things stood out when you threw on Clowney’s game tape. He seemed to lack a passion for the game, not hustling until the whistle is blown. It also seemed as if he was taking plays off and avoiding contact. Leaving many teams and experts to wonder, will this man just completely be satisfied with becoming a millionaire? Or will he become great with all the potential he possesses. The lights are bright for the young man coming out of South Carolina, Watt and Cushing will be sure to keep his head straight if the Texans did decide to draft the young monster at defensive end.

This leaves the question, what will the Texans do with the number one pick? Sure they need a signal caller, a potential upgrade from what they saw from the previous year, but experts say there is not a signal caller in this draft worthy of number one pick. Which leaves the option of either trading back and stashing some other picks in their back pocket or taking the unquestioned top pick of this year. The thought of having Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt line up together on the same team, has got to make some teams quiver, especially division foes who see them twice a year. With there being a few other opportunities to pick up a quality quarterback in the later rounds, its hard to pass up the best player on the board. As the NFL Draft Daily’s review and analysis wraps up, Jadeveon Clowney is the consensus number one pick for the Houston Texans, creating a formidable duo on the defensive line; and establishing the Texans as one of the premier pass rushing defenses in the league.

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  1. Swaddle   March 2, 2014 at 8:43 am

    If they don’t like the QBs then they should trade down and get more depth.


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