Idina Menzel Let It Go Dance Remixes Released [Track]


Idina Menzel’s Let It Go was remixed for the dance floor with several new releases produced by top EDM DJs . Frozen is No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart for the sixth week and will likely stay for another. With 1.1 million copies sold, the Disney soundtrack is 2014’s best-selling album so far.

The EDM production and DJ crew, Papercha$er, made two new versions of the Academy Award-winning track. The club remix was followed by a big room mix. Marc Stout, part of Papercha$er, found that translating Menzel’s “powerful and theatrical” voice from a pop ballad into electronic dance music was fun, but also challenging. The new releases each stay close to classic dance music structure with a rapid tempo and a heavy beat that will let the song flow well into mixes at any club. Stout particularly felt connected to the certified Platinum soundtrack because Frozen was the first movie he was able to share with his daughter. Papercha$er is familiar with remixing strong voices after creating official remixes for Rihanna and Fifth Harmony plus working on music by Enrique Iglesias and Kelly Clarkson.

The 42-year-old behind the voice in the original song was previously in two of the longest-running musicals in Broadway’s history. But surprisingly, she knows the dance floor pretty well. The Let It Go dance remix will not be Idina Menzel’s first track released for the dance scene and based on her past, it is likely to be success. Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart has featured her three times previously and she has managed to climb higher up the rankings each time. First was in 2006 when the song Take Me Or Leave Me, from the film Rent, was remixed and hit No. 32. Only a year after that she achieved the No. 5 spot on the 10 Club spot with a 2007 remix of Defying Gravity from when she played Elphaba in the Broadway musical Wicked. Finally, in 2008 Menzel’s single Gorgeous, from her own album I Stand hit No. 3.

Disney Music Group began the promotion of Let It Go remixes to dance clubs and Djs on Friday. The other artists involved have created their own remixes as well. Grammy-nominated house producer, Dave Aude has an impressive resume after working alongside Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Yoko Ono. The other producers that contributed a mix were DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio and they  have released their own version of Let It Go, and have also mixed songs for Beyonce, including Countdown and Love On Top.

While Idina Menzel’s voice will be released in the dance remixes of Let It Go, she will be performing in a different kind of venue. Returning to Broadway in If/Then, she will be the lead actress for a new musical which was written to feature her. Menzel will present the two realities that the main character’s life could follow and the resulting effect each path has on her. The woman is nearing 40 and has moved to New York for a fresh start. The composer, Tom Kitt, described Menzel as “passionate, fiercely committed.”

Opinion By Whitney Hudson

North Jersey