Sticky Tape Selfie Latest Trend a Grotesquery

selfieFirst it was the selfie. Then it was the suggestive (or nude) selfie. And now there is a bizarre trend looming: the sticky tape selfie, the latest trend in grotesquery. One wonders how something that can be deemed an eyesore would find such widespread appeal among the masses.

The sticky tape selfie apparently started with university student, Lizzie Durley, 21, who lives in the UK. She said she was inspired by Jim Carrey’s film Yes Man, in which Carrey’s character winds sticky tape around his face, giving him a grotesque albeit hilarious look. Durley was having a “bad day” and found this particular scene funny so she posted a sticky tape selfie on Facebook to amuse herself. From there, her selfie attracted so much attention she could barely keep up, having to sit at her computer to handle the huge number of responses pouring in. The Sellotape Selfie Facebook page currently has 158,000 likes.

“I figured people were getting bored of the whole selfie craze – I know I was. ” Durley says. “So I just applied the concepts of the selfie to this idea and it resulted in Sellotape selfies!”

Wondering how this sticky tape selfie has taken off is not too difficult to figure out. People love pushing the boundaries and testing the limits, particularly on social media, where anyone can post anything under the sun. It is narcissism to the nth power. But this latest trend can have a negative fallout.

For job seekers, potential employers not only look at resumes, but they also search the Internet for information on job candidates. People are apparently attaching their names to their sticky tape selfies on the Facebook page, which does not paint them in a positive light. Although it shows a sense of fun and daring, unless one is applying to a creative-type of job where such creativity would be welcomed, it is probably best to refrain from posting such images on the Internet.

Surprisingly, Sellotape the company has not sought to take advantage of the sudden interest in their product and has not responded to the latest trend in grotesquery that is the sticky tape selfie. The company’s Twitter account only has 150 followers, and the company’s last tweet was in 2012. The same goes for Sellotape’s Facebook page, where some fans of the product have posted their Sellotape selfies. One wonders why the company has not taken this prime opportunity to capitalize on the sudden attention on its product.

The recent focus on the “no makeup selfies” drew plenty of attention to cancer awareness, but whether its impact will endure in the public’s mind remains to be seen. The interest seemed to lie more in seeing women posing without makeup, because media does not show women without makeup. Also, the connection between women posting selfies without makeup and the public scourge that is cancer was lost on this writer.

The latest trend that is the sticky tape selfie may not be a lasting one but it is entertaining at the moment, however attention grabbing in its grotesquery. It could replace moments of boredom but unless one does not mind looking completely ridiculous and horrifying on social media, one would do well to do it in front of the mirror or FaceTime or Skype with friends to share in this ridiculous but entertaining moment and have fun with it.

Opinion by Juana Poareo


Daily Mail 



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